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The first 15 minutes of my working week tends to start pretty much the same. My alarm goes off. I grumble, pick up my iPhone and open Twitter. It’s my morning lifeline. Scrolling through my feed I screen grab anything I think could be relevant for work, makes me laugh or offers hope that United will soon be getting back to some decent, exciting football…

This social media fix helps me get ready for the day. It’s hard to remember a morning when I didn’t spend my first waking moments consuming the things I’ve missed whilst I’ve been asleep (sad, I know). FOMO (fear of missing out) is a strong motivator. Before I’m brave enough to throw back my duvet, I like to know the state of the world I’m waking up to and what that might mean for my day. To be honest, the reactive and agile nature of marketing is one of the main reasons I love my job and you can’t beat social media for being able to stay on top of the latest news, views, gossip and cat memes. It’s why I’m always surprised when I meet marketers who don’t use any form of social media at all in either their personal or working life. Personally, I’d feel a little lost and couldn’t function without it.

Depending on the weather, I’ll pick a suitable Spotify playlist to accompany my tram journey to the office. Something sassy enough to wake me up but not so energetic that I end up singing or dancing along. Rather understandably, commuters on the morning tram don’t appreciate my humming and toe tapping. I also use this journey to get ahead of my emails, going through anything that’s popped into my inbox over night or urgent and needs attending to straight away.

When I get to the office, I fire up the beast (my laptop) and pour over my ever evolving “to do” list. This list does actually help me keep focused on the day ahead with my ultimate priority always being – what can I do today that will help drive more quality inbound leads for the business?

The emails I’ve flagged on my journey into work are the next thing I spend a chunk of time on. I’ll also follow up on the tweets or stories that grabbed my attention that morning, and have a gander at any competitors in the news. The hours after that leading up to lunch can vary wildly between meetings, planning, reporting, scheduling and reviewing the analytics from campaigns we’re running. The one common denominator for a morning is making sure the sales and marketing team are aware of anything new or significant happening that day. It could be a blog that’s relevant for our outreach or something trending on social we can comment on or get involved with. Either way, I’ll share it with the team and we’ll have a quick but productive discussion about how best we might be able to use it.

Lunch. My favourite. Food helps me draw focus. As I chow down on whatever I’ve got with me for that day, I’ll head straight back to the marketing news sites and go through the daily lunchtime influx of industry update emails. I try and get a few minutes away from my desk and the office to get some fresh air and think about anything but work for a few minutes.

Afternoons begin with chasing up any answers I’m still waiting on from day before or morning emails. I find I get a lot of meeting invites or cold calls in the early part of the afternoon as well. I’ll also take a look at our social media profiles and go through any engagements to see what’s working.

As 3pm approaches, the pre-brew madness starts to kick in. As my loving colleagues like to tell me, my head usually falls off around 3ish prompting a quick brew break. A few minutes away from my screen, throwing around the tiny American football we have in the office and having a chat with the team usually does the trick and soon enough I’m back to it.

Post refreshment, I’ll review our marketing planner and chase up status reports on where any new pieces of content are up to or how close we are to getting sign off on PR activity. I’ll also use the last few hours of the afternoon to tie up my loose ends, this could be anything from award entries or an external blog to arrangements for an upcoming event.

Another round of email checking later and as my day in the office draws to a close, I finish with a final check on new contact acquisitions that day and a quick peek at what I’ve got in my diary for the following day.
Needless to say, social media is my buddy all the way home. A similar routine to my morning commute, I’ll look over what’s going on in the world of colleagues, competitors and Buzzfeed.

Depending on what time I get home, I’ll try and go to a gym class or on more lazy days I’ll lose myself in Netflix and do some work. I’ve always found it hard to switch off completely when I get home. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t see the inability to switch off as a negative – it’s because I’ve got a genuine interest in what I do and so naturally some of my spare time is spent being curious and looking for new ideas, inspiration and more efficient ways to do things.

A quick check of the emails and a few reminders sent out for the next day, I take a last look on Twitter (@SianEnglish_) and finally, sleep.

About the Author

  • Sian English

    Sian English is the Marketing Manager for theEword, a leading content-driven digital agency in Manchester that specialises in helping brands use content marketing to positively influence buying decisions and drive measurable business results. Sian's experience working for industry leading B2B and B2C brands has seen her launch national sports sponsorship campaigns, implement B2B social media strategies and contribute to industry round table events.

    Web: http://www.theeword.co.uk

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