Title: Ehsan

About Ehsan

Ehsan Khodarahmi has been working in social media and digital PR since 2006. Ehsan initiated social media strategy and reporting for Sky back in 2009. He set up the social media department for Samsung in the UK and trained many successful social media practitioners across EMEA. He is author of over 40 articles and trusted speaker by the British Chamber of Commerce, University of Westminster, University of Milan and Startup communities in Europe. Michigan State University and Miami University have quoted Ehsan as a reference in their study of social media in 2012. According to Kred, Ehsan is one of top 5% using social media. Ehsan is humble and lives his life based on a very simple philosophy of his own words: "say what you mean, mean what you say".

How to create a likeable brand


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Building a successful Twitter chat

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Best Practice

Social Media House Rules

Almost everyone is ambitious and everyone wants to be heard; this is not a rule but common sense. This is what appeals to people about social media, the ultimate rule in social media; transparency.

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