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About Jeremy Dent

Digital Supremo? Well, we are certainly that but our mission is to make our customers the supremo of their own digital footprints and domain. A Digital Supremo uses digital marketing communications in a simple, measurable and effective way to achieve sales, connections or whatever they want to achieve. We reduce complexity to a few simple indices using DAPS, a unique auditing tool.
Google Plus

Google+ and the social meme

We are evolving into a world where we constantly have access to data streams and where we stream data individually. It is a fast-paced, real-time world and, for a small minority, it is already here. It is a big adjustment, … click here to read more


For our eyes only

M stared out through the triple-glazed, floor-to-ceiling window, his hands clasped behind his back and spine rigidly vertical. A mist drifting along the Embankment was slowly being burned away by the sun. “Economies must be made, Bond.”


“You miss my predecessor, … click here to read more