The Importance of Online Content


The internet is becoming awash with content!! We can get quick access to knowledge on pretty much any subject now.

For businesses using social media, this means there are always interesting articles to share.

But, are other users sharing your articles? Do … click here to read more


What can your business vlog about?


Most businesses now understand the importance of blogging. But what about vlogging?

Vlogging is the video equivalent of blogging. Instead of writing your blog, you speak it to camera instead. YouTube continues to rise in viewing numbers, and is now a … click here to read more


Instagram Your Business


Instagram is becoming one of the fastest rising social media platforms! We all love to look at imagery, which is why Instagram is so popular.

This visual network focuses on image and video posts. You can also add text to your … click here to read more

Google Plus

5 Tips to using Google+ Communities


There’s no denying that Google+ still isn’t seeing the same kind of traction that the likes of Facebook and Twitter have created.

But, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water just yet!

After all, Google+ is owned by the search … click here to read more


How to Stand Out on Twitter

As more and more businesses and other users join Twitter, you have to break through a lot of noise to get your tweets heard!!

The majority of Twitter users will not read every tweet. They will scan through and look for … click here to read more

Best Practice

Being YOU on Social Media

When businesses join social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, they all too often focus on their business instead of their customers. Ask yourself this: Why does your customer use social media?

Is it to get corporate updates from … click here to read more