Here are 3 most powerful reasons you need to worry about your personal branding:

Most of us want more recognition, more meetings and more requests for contact.

Some people seem to get all the “luck”, being invited to exclusive networking events and being asked for advice almost daily.

Whilst you could just say it’s because of their position or product, personal branding goes a long way too.

When I say personal branding, I mean what people know about you and what you stand for without talking to you.

We are more likely to get along with someone that we identify with and feel we could have good rapport with. In business, we are also more likely to trust these people to send work their way.

That’s where your concern for personal branding comes in.

A small caveat though. Being congruent with yourself and your social media profiles is of the highest importance. They should be completely in-sync.

Social media gives you the opportunity to say whatever you like about yourself to many people. Just don’t be someone that you are not because when people get the chance to meet you, they could be disappointed.

Here are 3 most powerful reasons you need to worry about your personal branding:

You will get recognised more.

You are about to go to a networking event, you walk in and someone readily introduces themselves to you. They might even know your name.

You then find out that they are the person you tweeted about the new restaurant that opened up. They thought it was great.

So because of the time you invested in this interaction, not only do you get recognised but you also get a conversation starter too.

You will get more meetings.

It’s true. The more people feel they know you, the more likely they will meet up with you.

It might just to speak informally about your industry, but it could be a whole lot more.

More meetings mean more opportunities.

You will create advocates of YOU.

As you connect with more people and help them out, you will have people who are willing to refer you as a person to meet. Even better, they may refer you as a person to do business with.

You shouldn’t expect this to happen. For those who invest time in their social branding and to their community, they are most likely to create new advocates.

It is more powerful for you to be spoken of, than for you to be always speaking for yourself.

Personal conclusions

Luckily, I have seen this happen both ways. I am huge fans of people within my community and I met most of them via Twitter. I don’t hesitate to tell others what a good job they do and that they are the kind of people they should meet.

Connecting like-minded people with each other is one the pleasures I get from investing time in my personal brand.

After all, what is your personal brand of it isn’t used for the benefit of others?

About the Author

  • Matt Aguilera

    Matt Aguilera is a marketing consultant that helps businesses generate more ideas, improve their social media and create compelling content. Matt's journey in social media began in 2009 when he was working in Toronto. He has since taken on roles such as Head of Social Media and Brand manager for industry leading agencies. When Matt writes about social media, he looks for personal branding opportunities that could be used by anyone from account executive level to directors.


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