A Guide to Perfect Social Media Posts

Our latest whitepaper is a guide to creating excellent social media posts that stand out from the crowd, getting your brand seen by your audience and interacting with the content that you are posting.

Sian Ediss, Digital Marketing Executive at Pixel8, has put together this fantastic guide looking at Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and which time and type of content is best to post on each platform.

Download your copy today!

About the Author

  • Sian Ediss

    Sian Ediss has experience as Head of Social at digital agencies where she is responsible for keeping a wide variety of clients happy with interesting and engaging social media campaigns that not only make them stand out from competitors, but also bring a return on investment. Sian is a creative thinker with a penchant for blogging and illustration and incorporates this into social media strategy wherever possible. Sian and her three man team won ‘Best Social Media 2014’ at the City of Manchester Awards this year and she also speaks at events such as ‘She Says MCR’ as well as running tutorials with the Juice Academy, a great agency which nurtures future social media talent. In her spare time, Sian is an illustrator and you can find her illustrations here http://littlefoxcreative.wordpress.com/.

    Web: http://www.littlefoxcreative.wordpress.com

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