Ian Anderson Gray – Can you post the same content on different platforms?

We’ve all faced the issue where we have a great piece of content, perhaps a blog post, or an infographic, and we want to share it to everyone we possibly can, however is it best practice to share one piece of content across the different social platforms? After all, each platform is used for different purposes, so is it really suitable?

In our latest expert video, Ian Anderson Gray tackles the question of whether or not it is acceptable to post the same piece of content through all of your social channels.

About the Author

  • Ian Anderson Gray

    Ian runs a popular social media blog called Seriously Social and is a web developer and social media consultant. He is co-founder of Select Performers Internet Solutions - a family run web and digital marketing agency based in the North West of England. He has a passion for turning the techno-babble of web development, internet security, social media and technology into plain English. He also runs a local tech meet-up (Cheadle Geeks) and a co-workers event (Cheadle Jelly). As well as being a geek, husband and dad to two rather lively children, Ian is also a professional singer and lives in South Manchester.

    Web: http://iag.me/

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2 thoughts on “Ian Anderson Gray – Can you post the same content on different platforms?

  1. Thanks for the tips Ian.
    I don’t know if you’d agree but what I’m noticing particularly is the increase in content that is being shared on LinkedIn which previously I would have thought only suitable for Facebook/Google+/Pintrest eg image quotes and memes. Also Twitter has become the new Facebook. So basically I think the gloves are off and the lines which used to delineate ‘appropriateness’ have changed (IMHO).

  2. Hi Debbie, thanks so much for your comment- I really appreciate it. There is definitely a blurring between “personal” and “business” posting. I got a recent client through a personal post on Twitter where I mentioned I was going for a walk with my kids in a local park. She had seen my previous posts on social media marketing and web site building but it was that local connection- and the fact that I seemed like a normal person (someone she could work with) that made the big connection.
    LinkedIn is a funny beast. Unlike most other networks, it’s firmly a professional one and aimed at business to business. Everyone will have different views, but I think LinkedIn posts should be aimed more at the professional/business audience. That’s not to say that I won’t talk about personal things such as family, beliefs, interests etc, but I wouldn’t personally advocate posting cat videos or memes on there. Having said that I think quotes and images aimed at the professional audience are appropriate.
    Having said all of the above, it depends on you and your business. It also depends on the type of audience you are aiming at.

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