Ask the Expert: How to promote your blog content.


Q: I write lots of blog posts but don’t think enough of the right people are seeing them? How can I promote my blog content?

This is a great question and gets to the heart of the challenge associated with using the web to get in front of your target audience.

In reality, getting visitors to your corporate blog is a difficult task. And you’ve never really finished once you’ve hit ‘publish’. But there are a number of ways to give yourself the best possible chance to have your content seen. Try some of these and let us know at SM Experts how you get on.

1. Tweet & retweet. And retweet and retweet. I schedule a new blog post to tweet 3-4 times on the first day and then once a day for a week or so. Subtly reword your tweet to use words like ‘Latest’, ‘Today’s’ or ‘New’ blog post and use hashtags to encourage traffic.

2. Post to Linkedin personal and company updates so all your connections and followers can see it. As above subtly change the words and repeat a few times. Also consider reconfiguring the posting as a discussion (changing the title to a question and adding some narrative makes it more appropriate within a group). You might also repost with additional commentary to Linkedin directly.

3. Post / republish on Google+. Thought it remains niche, there is still evidence to suggest a profile on G+ is beneficial to SEO.

4. Post to Facebook if appropriate, especially through your company page.

5. Create a Pinterest board with your blog images and share the link this way. It’s a little more creative and gets you thinking about supporting imagery to accompany your content.

6. Add to Instagram, considering a more personal comment and a photo – either the main blog post image or a shot of yourself immersed in the developing the post or celebrating its completion.

7. Add a link to Stumble Upon, Digg and Reddit so people using these popular platforms can find it too.

8. Ensure your site is set up for social sharing by using AddToAny and other plug ins to make one-click sharing direct from the blog easier.

9. Set up email subscription on your site so subscribers receive new content immediately. Depending on the plug in, this should include social sharing and share with a friend.

10. Add an RSS feed to your blog so people can again receive it directly or add to their RSS reader

11. Syndicate to industry sites by subtly rewriting and offering as a guest post or comment piece – often structuring as a response to a question works best

12. Go back and review old blog posts – especially evergreen and list posts. Update them and run them through this process again.

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  • Rene Power

    Rene Power is a director at Clock Creative [] and is a business-to-business marketing professional with 20 years experience in consulting, designing and delivering international marketing campaigns for SMEs and blue-chip clients. He regularly writes, talks and trains about the deployment of the full marketing mix within trade B2B sectors and specialises in integrating digital with traditional and demystifying digital marketing, social media and content marketing. A Chartered Marketer, Rene authors the Marketing Assassin blog, shares updates on Twitter and can easily be found on LinkedIn.


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