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Content is key
Having something to say is critical in content management. By delivering content that is vital and relevant we will begin to play an important role in the lives of our visitors as clients and customers. We try to understand the problems and challenges faced by our target audience. Demonstrate how using the information provided we can help to solve or assist in the solution of those problems. We should ensure we deliver the message in an authoritative manner, regularly.

Be regular – show up on time
Sharing posts on social media sites is a great way to establish authority in a chosen field or speciality. Content is key but regularity is essential. Make sure you post regularly at a pace that suits your lifestyle. For some members of faculty, once a week can be enough, for others every day may work well. Whatever the frequency you decide upon, stick with it and be regular. Remember the ABC – always be communicating.

Be helpful    
Content is key and above all people respond to those who are able to provide valuable information or sign posts to other valued sources. Share experiences, tips and advice or simply share your favourite software and apps. We will regularly explain the apps and structures we use to build the faculty. We will explain the software tools we find to be of greatest vale and use to benefit the community.

Be Polite
On faculty, we want to build a positive community, where ideas are shared without fear of ridicule or heavy criticism. We want to be nice, avoid profanity, swear words and ill based humor. Above all be positive and be polite. You never know who will be reading.

Trust Others First
If you want to be trusted you have to trust others first. We gIve people the benefit of the doubt but we don’t have to put too much at risk in doing so. The faculty is an open community, sharing information. Trust and share, the guidelines.

Gain Knowledge and Competence
People trust experts and specialists in their chosen field. Discuss that of which you really know something, to become a reliable source of information. Disclose self interest and commercial connections. If you are sponsored to promote an event, app, software, website or book, make it clear in the small print. That’s all we ask.

Open, Honest, Truthful
On faculty we want to be open, honest, truthful in the things we do. We want the social media experts site to be a great place that works, enjoying the people we work with, have pride in what we do and trust the people we work for.  We want to provide great content to a great audience. Social Media Experts, it is the Hogwarts of Social Media after all.

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  • The Professor

    The Professor is head of the Social Media Faculty and leads a strong team of experts on social media. The Professor is unable to accept public speaking engagements. The Professor enjoys reading, riding and rheumatics.


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