The Importance of Online Content


The internet is becoming awash with content!! We can get quick access to knowledge on pretty much any subject now.

For businesses using social media, this means there are always interesting articles to share.

But, are other users sharing your articles? Do you create content that allows people to come back to your site?

Blogging is such an important part of your online activity. It has multiple advantages:

1. Directing traffic to your site from social media

Social media can only give so much information about a brand. We need users to click through to our website to find out more. But how are you going to get them to click, without sharing your products/services or about us pages?! The answer lies in having a blog on your site!

2. Allows others to drive traffic to your site

As content sharing is becoming such a big part of social media activity, having a blog allows others to drive traffic to your site for you!

3. Showcases your business as the expert

Your blog should focus mainly around educating and giving knowledge to your target audience. Think about what will add value to your audience’s day. And share the expertise within your business. No one wants to work with a business that they don’t think knows what they are talking about!

4. Creates a space to raise interest in your products/services

While your product and services pages may be very benefit and feature driven, a customer case study can bring them to life. Your blog is a perfect opportunity to outline how customers have used your product or service and what the outcome is.

5. Fresh content for Google

Search engines prefer sites with fresh content. It can be hard to keep your content fresh on your site, when you deliver the same products and services year in year out. So a blog offers a great opportunity for regular fresh content on your site.

There are lots of reasons to get blogging as a business!

If you’re stuck with how to and what to blog, or you want to make more of your blog, come along to my blogging workshop in Manchester on Thursday 19th March! All the details can be found here>>

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