Monkeys may write the perfect blog but chimps should never twitter


I am assured by members of philosophy department, a tribe of monkeys could produce the perfect blog post on any social media topic.  Reading as I do, quite a lot of articles on social media, (not our faculty contributions of course) this may well be a preferred option or indeed may already be the case, such is the quality of output in an industry prolific. Monkeys may write the perfect blog but …..

After all, what is the challenge of a six hundred word blog, to a monkey mission capable of reproducing the complete works of William Shakespeare. consisting of 884,647 words. (Word count according to edocr and the Folger library.)

How long would it take? No one will provide a realistic estimate. One thing is sure, it would take a lot of bananas, a few less if they were to use word processors with spell checker. Do I have to do all the thinking?

Monkeys may write the perfect blog but chimps should never twitter. Of this I am certain, having read excellent book The Chimp Paradox by Dr Steve Peters. We tend to think of ourselves as having one brain but this is a mistake. We should think of the brain as three distinct elements, the human, the chimp and the computer.

The mind has two independent thinking machines which operate independent of each other. The human is you and lives in the frontal lobe, the chimp is your emotional machine, given to you at birth and lives in the limbic system

The human and chimp have independent personalities, with different agendas, ways of thinking and ways of reacting. The chimp provides the emotional machine we all possess but thinks independently of the human and the computer.

The chimp can offer thoughts and feelings that can be very constructive or very destructive. It is geared to animal reaction providing the 3 Fs of Fight, Flight of Freeze. It is the first part of the brain to react to danger or challenge.

It is the chimp which reacts to say things in the heat of the moment you may later live to regret. The first response may not always be the best response.

That is why the chimps should never be allowed to Twitter. 140 characters can be produced too easily, even by a chimp. Too quick to tweet, the human  part of the brain should provide the social media guidelines with editorial control essential of the communication process. Tweet in haste repent at leisure don’t let your chimps near the word processor. The Professor.

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