Peace for our Time – The secrets of great headlines.


Headlines grab attention. Here are seven basic tips to write great headlines for your blog, e-mails, articles and much more.

1 The Teasers – who? why? what? when? where? Who writes the best headlines to always get attention? Why great headlines never fail to get attention What / Which headlines make the news When headlines always catch the eye. Where to find the best advice on writing a headline. Where are all the customers yachts? Keywords : Who, why, what, when, where

2 The teacher – how? How to make sure you write a really good headline? How to be an expert headline writer? How you can you avoid the big mistakes in writing a headline? How to win friends and influence people with great headlines? Keywords : How?

3 The Fear close – avoid mistakes and basic errors The Five biggest mistakes you can make when writing a headline. Seven deadly sins to avoid when drafting your headlines. Keywords : Mistakes, errors, sins, blunders,

4 The Lists addict – everyone loves a list Six great tips for writing a great headline. Three basic elements of the greatest headlines. Keywords : Numbered lists?

5 The Reveal Inner secrets of the top headline writers. What they don’t tell you about writing great headlines? Discover the secrets of great headline writers. Keywords : reveal, mystery, secrets, discover,?

6 Personalise – bring out the You in You The things you should know about writing a great headline? What they don’t tell you about writing great headlines? Keywords : You

7 The Promise of wealth fame and fortune Killer headlines that boost your sales and profits Killer headlines to grab attention and ensure your audience reads on. Keywords : wealth, fortune, sales, profits, success, authority, guarantee?

Plus the bonus offer – Tips to develop better content. Use words that sell – great, huge, amazing, new, exciting, fast, speedy, best, boost, guarantee, proven, proof, simple, easy, solve, satisfaction, performance, success, best.    In our next post we will publish the bigger list of “strong words for better content”.

About the Author

  • Dr John Ashcroft

    John Ashcroft is a visiting professor at Manchester University and Executive in residence at Manchester Business School, specializing in Economics Corporate Strategy and Social Media. Author of the Saturday Economist, The Apple Case Study and The Sunday Times and Croissants John is Chief Executive of pro.manchester, a Director of Marketing Manchester, a member of the GM Chamber of Commerce Council and the AGMA Business Leadership Council.


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