Why You Should Make the Most of Your Thank You Emails


In today’s face-paced world, who really has time to read a ‘thank you for your order’ email? And what kind of company has time to create interesting and engaging content for this type of thing?

Well, if your content is attractive and you’re a bit of a smooth talker, then a thank you email with some personality can really go a long way. If a customer has already bought something from you or filled in a form, then they already must have been impressed by your site or by your products. Responding to them with something witty or stimulating will not only impress them further, but may make them more likely to go back on your site and buy something else. Success!

But what should you include? How do you make this kind of response interesting?

Add something personal to your recipient. Their name is a good starting point. Don’t let them feel like this is something you send out to everyone. Usually addressing them by their first name is your best bet. Using a title and last name can be a little formal and could put some people off. It’s also a good way to create trust between you and the customer. You’ve managed to get their name correct, which is one less thing to put them off returning to your site.

Virgin Trains are an excellent example. They know your name (Alice, in this case). They’ve subtly given you a link back to their site. They’ve charmingly told you to ‘Enjoy your Journey’, and they haven’t overwhelmed you with promotional content or big words.

redbubbleAnd how about Redbubble? It’s simple, it’s funny, it’s engaging. There’s nothing about this email that we don’t like. The sign-off signature is just as excellent:

Redbubble sign off




Alike to Virgin, they aren’t self-promotional or over complicated. They end the email with:

redbubble operational

Even their slight promotional aspects are hilarious. It’s more than likely that whoever bought something from this site, returned to buy something again or at the very least, signed up their promotional emails. If their content is always this comical, then why not?

And it’s not just your ‘thank you’ emails you should be concentrating on. How about a ‘welcome’ email for first time buyers to your site? They’ve shed some kind of interest in your company and now this initial contact is your first impression. Give them something to remember or something to make them laugh. If they’ve received something charming and charismatic the first time, then your success rate for having further emails opened should increase.

Impressing people is one thing, but make sure you’re still using plain and easy language, along with keeping the entire content of the email simple. Anything overly busy, complicated, or promotional will automatically be ignored by consumers. They’ve already bought something off you; don’t try and bombard them straight away.

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