The Professor’s Ten guidelines for successful “News Updates”


Thinking of improving or developing your “news stories. The rules are changing, check out the Ten guidelines for handling news updates in the age of social media.

1 The Lines are Blurred
The lines are blurred between traditional media, media bloggers and own “news / information channels” and social media channels.

2 News Release Not Press Release
Hence we need to develop the format of information or news stories, not as a “Press release” but a “News Release” or “News Update”.

3 Guarantee Frequency
Develop frequency, frequency  leads to familiarity, familiarity leads to trust – just like a friend dropping in with helpful news and updates, the news updates arrive with essential news in a regular basis.

4 Ensure Consistency
Ensure the look of the news update is consistent, with each release. Friends should be recognisable and offer the same greeting each time.

5 Target the target
Write for the target “audience”, including members, team members and stakeholders not just key media.

6 Include Keywords
Ensure “Keywords” are in the post, consistent with the overall strategy. You do have a “Keyword” strategy?

7 Link to Links
Embed links to web site(s) and other key assets and information or data. Make it easy to find more information as necessary.

8 Content is king
Content is king, it develops, authority, thought leadership and platform
Link to more content detail, where appropriate from a shorter “teaser” release, when appropriate.

9 Social Media
Add Social media tags, including Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest.
Use “forward” & “share” options, make it easy to spread the good word.

10 Use Social Media
Use Social  Media to cross promote, especially Twitter, the chatter key line. Use Buffer for example to multiply and sequence the update.

Check out our CRIMSON strategy for more tips on Content Relationship Inbound Marketing Strategies. Dimensions of .

Are we on the right track, let us know what you think? Add a comment or post your own tips!

About the Author

  • Dr John Ashcroft

    John Ashcroft is a visiting professor at Manchester University and Executive in residence at Manchester Business School, specializing in Economics Corporate Strategy and Social Media. Author of the Saturday Economist, The Apple Case Study and The Sunday Times and Croissants John is Chief Executive of pro.manchester, a Director of Marketing Manchester, a member of the GM Chamber of Commerce Council and the AGMA Business Leadership Council.


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