Ian Anderson Gray – Does regular posting to social media sites encourage greater engagement?

Knowing when to post on social media and how often can be confusing, with each social platform needing different types of posting it can be hard to keep up. The ultimate goal for social platforms is engagement with your community, so if you post more regularly, will you achieve greater engagement? Ian Anderson Gray gives us some advice and guidance on how often you should be posting on social media sites and how to improve your engagement in this short video.

About the Author

  • Ian Anderson Gray

    Ian runs a popular social media blog called Seriously Social and is a web developer and social media consultant. He is co-founder of Select Performers Internet Solutions - a family run web and digital marketing agency based in the North West of England. He has a passion for turning the techno-babble of web development, internet security, social media and technology into plain English. He also runs a local tech meet-up (Cheadle Geeks) and a co-workers event (Cheadle Jelly). As well as being a geek, husband and dad to two rather lively children, Ian is also a professional singer and lives in South Manchester.

    Web: http://iag.me/

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