Three Facebook Marketing Tools Every Small Business Should Use:


Managing time and getting results on Facebook is a balancing act that so many small businesses struggle to get right every day.

The secret to real success on Facebook is the processes and the tools that you use to manage your time and measure your efforts.

In this post I am going to share with you three epic tools that are either totally free or very cost effective and promise to help you get better results with your Facebook marketing.

#1 AgoraPulse Barometer Tool

Worried about your reach and engagement? You are not alone, as this is something over 76% of small businesses struggle with.

Understanding what impacts (on what I call secondary metrics) your reach and engagement will help you to make better-informed decisions about where to place your focus.

Agorapulse have a really cool free tool called the Facebook barometer tool. If you get confused by all the options within Facebook insights, running a report using the barometer tool will save you time and show you what you need to work on.

To use the tool all you will be asked to add the Facebook page that you want to measure.



Once you have added the page, it takes a few minutes to synchronize before you get an overview of your page results.




Agorapulse takes out the guesswork and will benchmark your page against over 9,000 pages that they have in their database. This means you are now benchmarking your page against “REAL” and very active Facebook pages.

The report above shows you a number of metrics:

• Fans Reached
• Engagement
• People Talking About
• Negative Feedback
• Viral Reach
• Organic Reach

Your results are on the top in black and the page averages are shown in orange. Now you know the areas of your page that need work.

The page above is performing well but there is always room for improvement.

#2 Canva

Struggle to get Facebook design work done? If you are like most small business owners the budget for design is either tight or totally non-existent.

Using visual content in 2015 is absolutely necessary and will guarantee you more engagement from fans on Facebook.

Canva is a free design tool for businesses looking to make their content pop in the newsfeed. You don’t have to be an expert designer, Canva make it really easy with their design school, blog and amazing user stream.





There are a few main features to be aware of:

• Design School
• Social Media Templates
• Custom Dimension Options
• Stream
• Your Designs

Take the time to explore these areas and get the basics of visual content right from the start.

Use Canva to create thumb-stopping graphics that will compel your fans to click through to read your posts or take your desired action.









#3 Postplanner

Looking for content that will go viral on Facebook? Sounds like an unrealistic promise?

One of my favourite Facebook tools of all time is Postplanner and if you use it too, expect amazing results.

Using this tool is going to be like having a team of ninja content creators in your business.





Postplanner is an app that sit’s within your Facebook apps menu.





When you access it, there are three options:

• Viral Photos
• Top Content
• Status Ideas

The viral photos option is the one that excites me the most. You can choose from hundreds of pages in the Postplanner database or add other pages to monitor.

Curate and create ideas from the viral photos option and watch your engagement skyrocket.





After one week sharing viral visual content using Postplanner this new Facebook page has seen significant improvements across the board.

With a fan count of 200, this page is reaching 1,849 people.


Word of WARNING! I refer to the metrics above as “secondary Facebook metrics” they are a nice to have and will help to increase your visibility in the newsfeed.

Using a combination of these tools every day will save you time and tell you how you’re performing.

Your Turn

Have you tried these tools? What kind of results are you getting?

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