How to Increase the Reach of Your Facebook Posts


When Facebook pages first came in to existence, it was a simple case of building up likes on your page, and that those who liked your page would then see your updates.
Unfortunately, that is no longer the case!

Facebook has changed how it displays updates to users. It now focuses on stories and updates it thinks we will be interested in. Stories are created when there are new comments or likes on an update. And Facebook will decide whether you are interested in a page update depending on how many stories it creates and your engagement with that page.

When you first like a Facebook page, your engagement levels are high. With each post that you don’t comment on, like or share, your engagement goes lower and lower to the point where Facebook decides you are not interested in that page’s updates and stops showing you them!

As such, it is getting harder and harder to get in front of the fans of our Facebook page!
So, how can you increase the reach of your Facebook posts?

1. Post engaging content

Sounds simple enough right?! Yet most businesses still focus too much on sales messages that will not engage their target audience. Instead add value, entertain and be interesting! There’s no point posting a sales message that never gets seen!

2. Ask questions

An easy way to increase engagement is to ask a question on each Facebook post. People are far more likely to comment if you give them a reason to. And questions do just that! It’s far harder to respond to a statement!

3. Encourage them to talk about themselves

People love to talk about themselves on social media. So tailor your questions so that people can answer about themselves, their lives or their work.

4. Post regularly

You need to engage your fans from the moment they like your page. If you only post on your Facebook once a week, this will be much harder to do! Try to post at least two updates a day to your Facebook page to encourage them to engage straight away, and remain engaged!

5. Pay to promote your posts

If engagement on your page has gotten really low, then it’s worthwhile paying for your posts to be seen. You can either choose to display it to your fans and their friends, or to people you choose through targeting. Promote posts that increase engagement such as questions or competitions asking them to respond. Or use the promoted post to increase leads in to your business.

So, start taking action to increase your reach. There’s no point spending all that time crafting great updates if no one’s going to read them!

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