Don’t go ‘social’ without a plan

I spend much of my time balancing opportunity against risk, but I’m not out to sell you on how good lawyers can be at mitigating your risk. At least, not right now…

The social media revolution has provided businesses everywhere with a huge opportunity to connect with their existing and new audiences in a new, more meaningful and potentially more lucrative way. However, social media is far from lawless and its community won’t necessarily welcome you with open arms. “Going social” without a plan is a risk that I don’t think anyone would seriously advise you take.

Just as it’s important to ensure that your website is legally compliant and that your tweets aren’t in breach of the ASA, CAP code or any other media law or regulation, getting your message right and planning for crises in peacetime should be at the forefront of any business’ thinking when planning a move online.

For every “social media ninja” or “guru”, Manchester has countless web, PR, SEO and marketing agencies who can help you make the right first and continuing impression to make the absolute best of the social opportunity. The best time you can spend on “doing social media” is with a professional who can ask you why you want to do it and then help you do it right. Although there are plenty of DIY social media success stories, there’s no substitute for expert advice from communications professionals. Luckily, Manchester has no shortage of them – not taking the opportunity to leverage their experience may be the biggest risk you could take.

About the Author

  • Steve Kuncewicz

    Steve is Head of Intellectual Property and Media at Bermans LLP. He is also an honorary solicitor and board member of the MPA. He specialises in intellectual property, media and social media law, and has worked mainly in the media, creative, film, television, marketing, advertising and PR sectors. His first Book, “Legal Issues of Web 2.0 and Social Media”, was published in June 2010, and his second, “Legal Issues Of Corporate Communication in the Online World”, was published in July 2011.


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