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Social media is without doubt the latest battleground for brands at Christmas, each brand is looking to make an impact and create some “Social Buzz” around their products in the run up to the festive season. In fact it’s now so big the whole hype for Christmas marketing now starts in November, below are a few campaigns that have stood out this year.

John Lewis – Monty the Penguin

John Lewis Monty the PenguinWithout doubt one of the most successful companies at this is John Lewis, who have yet again won the Christmas social battle with their #MontyThePenguin campaign. The campaign got so much buzz that it organically trended on Twitter as it set about attaining 10 million YouTube views in under a week, it’s currently had over 19 million views, and continues to create buzz across various platforms, a great look at what makes the campaign so successful can be found here.

Watch #MontythePenguin:

Coca Cola – #HolidaysAreComing

Coca Cola have had a pretty strong Christmas strategy for years, and they’ve enhanced this by the use of the #HolidaysAreComing hashtag. For many people, Christmas doesn’t start until they have seen this advert and Coca Cola know this. By using the hashtag alongside a nationwide tour of the truck it carries the brand awareness much further and guarantees thousands in attendance for each city they visit, with numerous images shared across various social media campaigns, it also gains them plenty of free advertising.

The Oakham Christmas Tree

A smaller one that will fly under the radar is the case of the Oakham Christmas Tree, after a rather sorry looking Christmas tree was erected, a Facebook campaign was set up that led to it being replaced. This highlights the power of communities within Social Media, from a small beginning the campaign has now received national coverage and exposure for a small East Midlands Country town. Once again showing Social can make you big very quickly, and brands should never underestimate the power of a community.

Visit the Facebook page here.

ASOS – #Instadvent

ASOS have been one of the brands to best utilise Instagram amassing over 2.5 million followers, and for Christmas they have opted once again to exploit the platform with a simple but effective idea. The @asos_advent account is very much on brand, and utilising hashtags to encourage engagement and make it easier to track for themselves and the users to get inspired.

Post Office – #allwrappedup

Perhaps one of the most unique combinations of brand and platform with a succesful social media campaign comes from the Post Office and Vine. They’ve partnered with Vidsy, a crowdsourcing video content platform, to create a series of short videos which see’s users pass a parcel from left to right across the screen in a variety of ways. Once again this campaign is underpinned by a hashtag, #allwrappedup, and is a very unique and modern approach for a traditional brand.

View the #allwrappedup Vines here.

Each brand above has a very unique style but what they all have in common is that they are exploiting the reach and power of social to maximise their exposure. No matter how big your brand there is a variety of tools at your exposure to bring festive cheer to your marketing campaigns.


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