5 Things to Ask your Potential Social Agency


With so many social media agencies out there, it can be tricky to know how to choose one. Anyone can get a slick sales team or a lovely website, but how do you really know which agencies are the real deal and perhaps even harder, which are a right fit for you.
Every brand is different and every team has different requirements, but the below questions give you a place to start with the types of questions to ask.

1. How do they measure success?

Social media, like its happy bed fellow PR, can sometimes be seen as a bit fluffy and soft, and so a lot of the time ROI isn’t considered. The truth is that social can deliver leads/customers/clients and so setting clear objectives at the beginning and then reporting on these is key. Understanding how your agency does this means you can make a decision based on their approach and the importance with which they hold KPIs.

2. Who else’s social media have they worked on?

Like with anything, the proof is in the pudding. Asking for case studies with clear results should help you make an informed decision on whose best to carry out your project. It doesn’t necessarily need to be in your sector, just to show results.

3. How do they structure accounts and reporting?

It’s not the sexiest bit of social media, but planning and processes are absolutely key to successful social media activity, and make the difference between dabbling in sending a few tweets and creating a hard working marketing channel. Understanding how your agency plans content, campaigns and integrated activity, gives you a good guide to how you might work with them.

4. What do they do on social media?

This is a quick, but important question. If you’re choosing a hairdresser, you always take a sneaky look at their own do, and social media is no different. A quick scout round of their blog, Twitter and Facebook, even if the tone is totally different to yours, gives you a good idea of what they’re about.

5. Who will be working on my account?

The working relationship on social media projects is one of the closest around, with lots of contact via email, phone and face to face, so it’s vital that you get on with the people working on your account. Ordinarily, you’ll have one or two community managers who do the day to day activity and these are the guys you really need to be able to communicate with- they’ll be the voice of your brand on social and so need to understand you perfectly.

Hopefully these help you out a bit in your search for a social agency, or at least give you food for thought. I’d love to answer some of them for you too, so give me a buzz, drop me a line or tweet us @pixel8ltd.

About the Author

  • Amy-Jay Handley

    AJ is Head of Digital Marketing at Pixel8 Ltd, a branding, web and digital marketing agency, working with all kinds of clients from local SMEs to global hotel brands. AJ is a mixed digital marketing practitioner, with a background in SEO and social media who creates integrated strategies for brands which include these disciplines and anything else digital. She thinks digital marketing shouldn’t be a chore, and helps her clients maximise what time they do have available to get the most out of their content, whilst helping with the bits they can’t do. When she’s not geeking out over algorithm changes or ways of maximising social engagement, she can be found skipping around the networking events of Manchester.

    Web: http://www.pixel8ltd.com

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