5 Social Media Updates You May Have Missed In 2013


2013 has started like a speeding bullet train and we are already into the fourth month. The Social Media landscape is also changing at a pace and you can be forgiven for missing some of the changes that have happened in early 2013. I’ve picked out a few below.

1. Facebook “Replies”:
The biggest and most requested feature on this list is Facebook’s new “Replies.”   The new “Reply” option allows a company to focus on a single comment and reply directly, creating a conversation thread within a post, with the most active conversation threads appearing at the top of the page.  This allows brands and companies to deal with comments in one place rather than then being muddled in with other comments and is a much welcomed customer service tool.  “Replies” is currently opt-in for Pages but I’d definitely recommend activating it.

2. LinkedIn Searches:
LinkedIn has been busy refining it’s search options to make it, in their own words, “even smarter and more streamlined.” The changes mean you no longer have to specify whether you are searching for a person, company or group, LinkedIn now has then all combined in one search. Along with the new search comes and Auto-Complete, similar to what you find in Google where LinkedIn will now supply you with what it think’s your searching for.   The advanced search has also improved with additional filters including location, company, school and more.

3. Pinterest Redesign:
You would be forgiven in thinking “what redesign” but in early 2013 Pinterest rolled out a tweak to its iconic design which has since inspired many copy cats. The changes are designed for users to find more items of interest. Firstly once you click on a pin you’ll find the image is bigger, so if you are pinning make sure it’s a good quality image. Another major change is that “pins” from the same board now appear to the right of the image, meaning you have everything in your eyeline and no more scrolling down the page, allowing you to browse the whole board without leaving the page you’re on.  Also the new design will show pins by other people from the same website, allowing users to see many products from your range.

4. YouTube One Channel: 
Google has been trying to bring YouTube in line with Google+ in terms of design and now your Channels are going the same way with YouTube giving a massive push on encouraging subscribers. Perhaps the biggest new feature of YouTube Channel One is the introduction of a trailer which is the default video when a non-subscriber arrives on your channel. This allows a brand or company to show off who they are and what they offer, it is definitely worth time thinking how you want to come across. One thing you will need to do when activating the new channel is recreate your channel art, the new art and layout is designed to be used across multiple devices and will scale much better than previous designs. A channel art guide can be found at: http://support.google.com/youtube/bin/answer.py?hl=en&topic=16630&answer=2972003

5. Twttr:  Twitter have always been looking for ways to monetise the business and they see -Twttr as a way of doing this. Twttr will be a free service but users will on be allowed to use consonants, if you wish to also use vowels in your post you will have to subscribe to Twitter for $5 a month.

Obviously the last one isn’t true it was Twitters attempt at an April Fools. One a serious note Twitter have recently changed their API so it’s best to check that if your site uses any plugins or code that displays tweets, retweets etc that they are still working as you’d wish.


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