6 Top Tips to Increase Your Social Media Productivity


Generally speaking, social media success rates are determined by defining your target audience, the goals of the business and building an online presence that will be mutually beneficial for both. This can be done by providing genuinely engaging content and insight for your audience whist adding value to the businesses branding and promotional activities.

It is also worth noting that across different social media platforms you should adapt how you speak to your audience as their behaviours change across platforms. So Facebook is informal, LinkedIn is more professional, Twitter is a mix of the two. Also international businesses should be aware of platforms that are more prominent in regions outside of their HQ such as Xing (Specialist German speaking) or Qzone (China’s largest social media site).

Quick Fire Tips To Help Increase the Productivity of Your Social Media Output

1. Build profiles that ooze with valuable insights and quality content which your target market will be interested in. New and relevant content is vital for platforms such as Twitter as it is fast paced and continually dynamic.

2. Content of around 7 posts per day is a good ROI on time and resources. Using applications such as ‘Hootsuite’ or ‘SproutSocial’ will help you manage your platforms effectively. They’re designed to streamline your social media content and are a great way to set targeted promotional campaigns and company information at set times and dates (useful for point 6 below!).

3. Make time to engage with your followers and fellow group or community members. Tweet directly to your audience rather than just posting to their news feed. Retweet, comment , favourite, like and share updates from active members and industry experts within your market.

4. Focus on adding value to your followers rather than just hard promotional material.

5. Only a third of Twitter users are active accounts. “Twitter’s technical follow limits states that every account can follow 2,000 users in total. Once you’ve followed 2,000 users, there are limits to the number of additional users you can follow. This number is different for each account and is based on your ratio of followers to following; this ratio is not published.” Taking this into consideration, following only “active” accounts will ensure you are maximising your accounts’ full coverage and potential.

6. Think outside the box – Sunday evening or afternoons have proven to gain the best response rates and are worth the time and effort. Given the high tech world we live in there is now software that runs this automatically when set up. This is also a great time of the week to promote your companies current vacancies and to send out promotional material to entice potential new hires to your business. During the week, early mornings are the best time to get a response.

The tech world we live in can be a daunting place but with the right focus on efforts it can be an excellent and cost effective way of promoting you, your business and more importantly allows you to compete with the industry “big boys”!

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