B2B Festive Marketing – Sorting the sprouts from the stars!


Every year we see some fantastic examples of big B2C brands doing fantastic Christmas campaigns, and we’re following their social campaigns particularly closely, which makes us feel full of festive cheer!

However for many of us, our organisations are B2B and often more serious than the big brands making the headlines and the ‘top 10’ lists. So, if you’re B2B how do you get in the festive mood without compromising your brand?

Think about how it ties in with your brand/service

Whilst you might not be a purveyor of tinsel or a toy stockists, there’s usually a way to tie your brand into a festive tradition, item or activity. Think about which elements of your brand or industry that relate to the festive period- it’s good not to go completely off the wall, although in some instances a tenuous connection allows you to be really tongue in cheek.

Some examples could be:

Business Name – can your business name be tweaked to sound festive?

Solicitors – Should Mary and Joseph have had a prenup? Is there a case for the employment rights of turkeys?

HR – Office party faux pas. Need I say more?

Financial Advisors- There’s a great opportunity to create budgeting calculators, financial advice for the new year and comparisons on the cost of Christmas over the years.
I could go on, but you get the jist…

Use it as an opportunity to show some personality and share the good wishes

In the build up to Christmas, everyone relaxes a bit and it’s a great time to build new relationships and strengthen existing ones.

In years gone by we might have popped to see a few key clients with a turkey or a bottle of wine, but in the age of social media we can individually reach out to all of our clients (and some prospective ones to boot!)

Send out general well wishes and tips, but also send specific tweets or LinkedIn messages to businesses and your connections there. Taking the time to find out when your clients finish for the Christmas break means you can send them a cheery message on that day, perhaps accompanied by a bespoke graphic.

Don’t forget your usual tone of voice completely

As our radios switch to Christmas FM and the diary fills up with Christmas get togethers, the temptation to throw caution to the wind and become more frivolous with your social media is strong. Whilst the campaigns and content can become more fun and festive, it’s really important to remain true to your usual brand tone of voice.

Your social users are used to the language you usually use, are comfortable with it, and know what to expect, so too much of a digression from this can leave them feeling cold and potentially do your brand some damage.

Add value around your client’s festive pain points and concerns

The end of the calendar year, the Christmas break, office party arrangements and the start of a new year throw up all kinds of issues, challenges and activities for your B2B clients, and what better way to show your expertise by guiding them through these.

Your social channels should be a resource all year round, and the festive period gives an opportunity for you to really add value by solving those niggling problems and demonstrating forward thinking. Your existing clients will thank you for it, and potential clients will sit up and take note.

Don’t forget the staff!

Sometimes when we’re marketing business to business, we forget that it’s our people that clients buy into. If you’ve neglected to push your staff to the forefront of your social media through the year, Christmas is the perfect time to get into those good habits. Thank staff for achievements, utilise video blogs to show their expertise and advice or have twitter takeovers where your users can ask questions to a specific staff member.

If your brand allows for it, go one step further and create a video of your team lip synching a carol or Christmas song, interview them about their perfect Christmas or host a team Christmas jumper day and splash it all over your social media.

At the end of the day you know your brand and what makes your customers and clients smile, so get the team together and have a think about what would work. Christmas is a time for sharing, so apply that to your B2B social media this Christmas and give your users content that is useful, informative and shows your personality!

If you need some festive inspiration, give the team and I at Pixel8 a shout and we can help you cook up something great.

About the Author

  • Amy-Jay Handley

    AJ is Head of Digital Marketing at Pixel8 Ltd, a branding, web and digital marketing agency, working with all kinds of clients from local SMEs to global hotel brands. AJ is a mixed digital marketing practitioner, with a background in SEO and social media who creates integrated strategies for brands which include these disciplines and anything else digital. She thinks digital marketing shouldn’t be a chore, and helps her clients maximise what time they do have available to get the most out of their content, whilst helping with the bits they can’t do. When she’s not geeking out over algorithm changes or ways of maximising social engagement, she can be found skipping around the networking events of Manchester.

    Web: http://www.pixel8ltd.com

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