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There are 1.5 billion potential visitors to the social media campus, according to a great survey Social Media Around The World 2012 from InSites Consulting. That’s a lot of potential visitors to the campus. Which is great news.

Did you know that seven out of ten internet users are members of at least one social network. This suggests there are 1.5 billion people world wide using social network sites. This is why the campus bursar is so excited, the student fees could be significant.

Common usage patterns around the world
What is striking, from the research, is how common the usage patterns are for social media across the world. OK Orkut usage is high in Brasil, Vkontakte is big in Russia and Qzone is big in China, tell me something as a professor I do not know.

But overall, awareness of social network sites is very high. Facebook awareness is close to 100%, (It could be the film or the public float), Twitter is 80% and Google+ is known by 70% of users. LinkedIn has a 40% awareness, Instagram and Pinterest awareness is increasing and is currently at 25% and 24%. This is good news since this reflects the emphasis amongst faculty staff.

We tend to think of Facebook as a predominantly Business to Consumer (B2C) Focus and LinkedIn as a Business to Business (B2B) platform. The latter particularly high amongst financial and professional users but we have to be careful about typecasting and changes taking place with LinkedIn company pages and developments on Facebook.

It looks as if on average people join just two social networks usually Facebook, then LinkedIn or Twitter. It may be difficult for new platforms to find their place bit then one may have said this about Friendster, MySpace and Bebo. Read the faculty blog on Social Media Sites don’t last forever.

It looks as if Instagram and Pinterest have the highest possibility for growth but we would not rule out the impact of Google+ either. We will be blogging quite a bit of the Google phenomenon over the next few months.

Smart Phones – the Smart Thing

Smart phones are the smart thing. 51% of internet users have a smart phone. They have  an average of just over twenty apps of which nine are used on a weekly basis. Most common platforms are Android and Apple and the use of social media platforms is prevalent using the phone.

It also looks as if smart phones are becoming an integral part of the on line shopping experience. We like to think of the multi channel platform developing from surf and click, through surf and turf to surf and sweep. [The latter buy on line and collect instore.]

But 53% of users compare prices during the shopping trip using their smart phones. This is adding a slow mo or mobile element to the shopping process which cannot be ignored. Add in the use of smart codes such as QR and the use of mobile devices in the journey to basket and the transaction process is becoming even more interesting.

Though this is not evidenced in the research, we can also see the combination of mobile and location becoming significant. Square is setting the way with a significant molopay model. [Molopay – Mobile, location and payment]

How do people use Social Media? What do they talk about?
In relation to business, people talk about their product experience, promotions, contests and product news. Overall, in fact, 80% of the comments are positive, people want to engage with a brand and support the development in a positive process.

Consumers are open to co-creation and collaboration they would like to be engaged with a market research community, especially if free offers and discounts are involved.

The report from insites offers a clear message – businesses and brands should not fear the embrace and advance of social media. Integrating social media is a significant challenge for every marketing and business plan, which is why in creating the Social Media Campus we are keen to help out.

Check out the “Stay in contact” statistics, social media offer the preferred way for individuals to keep in touch with business. Hope you keep in touch and have registered for further updates from the faculty team.
Key Stats
                    Awareness    Membership         Daily Log in
Facebook        89%                  58%                        67%
Twitter             78%                  23%                        51%
Google+          73%                 25%                        49%
LinkedIn          46%                 16%                         31%
Pinterest          24%                   3%                        51%
Instagram        25%                   4%                         31%                                                 Social Media Experts it is the Hogwarts of Social Media.


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