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One of the often overlooked uses of social media is to capture leads in to your business. This could be in the form of email addresses, telephone numbers or physical addresses, allowing you to market to that individual through other channels.

A potential customer needs to hear from us multiple times (suggested around 7 times) before making the decision to buy. So, just limiting this to social media is reducing the chance of them buying. Social media is just one part of the marketing mix. Get in their inbox, their phone or their doormat, and you’re far more likely to complete the sale than through social media alone.

So, how can you capture leads in to your business through social media?

1. Offer something for free

This is your lead bait. The dangling carrot that is enticing enough that they will swap their details for it. This should be related to what you are looking to sell to them at a later date. Think Graze. They promote their Graze boxes all over social media, offering you a free Graze box full of yummy goodies! BUT, you’ve got to give them your name, email and address to get one of these free boxes. So, what would entice your target audience? What problem do they need answering?

It could be a:

• Free report
• Free training
• Free ebook
• Free video/video series
• Money off voucher
• Free sample
• Free event
• Free webinar

2. Capture details

You’ll need an online form to capture the details you need. You can host this as a page on your website. Or, even better, create a squeeze page for it. A squeeze page is a single web page with no other links on it, so people can’t ‘browse’. Instead they have two options: fill out the lead capture form, or leave the page. Whether you use a squeeze page or a page on your website, be sure to explain what they are getting, and make it clear how they will get it. And only ask for the details you need. It is unlikely that someone will give you their phone number if you have told them you will email them the report they requested. In fact, the fewer details you ask for, the more people will complete the form.
You can check out one of my squeeze pages at

3. Side bar form and Popup

You can also put a lead capture in the side bar of your site, so it is visible regardless of the page that is being visited. Plus, you can add a popup to your website that has a webform for filling in details. These popups can be setup to only appear for new visitors.

4. Link to a CRM system

Most CRM (customer relationship management) systems will allow you to create web forms. Commonly used ones are Mailchimp and Aweber. These also allow you to then create autoresponder campaigns. For example, when someone fills in your web form, they will immediately receive a pre-written email. You can then set it up so that a certain number of days after that email they receive another, then after a set number of days another, and so on. This essentially allows you to funnel your customers, as they continue to receive emails. Your initial emails should focus on value rather than selling. Build the relationship up with that lead before trying to sell to them.

5. Link to your lead capture on social media

So, where does social media come in? Well, you need people to find the link to your web or squeeze page, and social media offers the perfect opportunity for this! Tell people about what you are offering them for free. Link to it in updates. Create Facebook Ads and promoted posts with your lead capture in, and target it at potential customers. Blog weekly to link back to your website to encourage people to fill in your sidebar form or popup. Make sure you are posting about your lead capture regularly! Graze didn’t capture so many leads by telling people about it once!

So, don’t see your social media activity as stand along marketing. It should work in harmony with other marketing methods, and lead capture offers the perfect opportunity for this!

So, get your bait in place and the fish will come!

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