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Towards the end of 2014, we concluded an online survey of businesses across multiple industries – from marketing to pharma, and from utilities to public sector. We wanted to get an understanding of how these types of companies approached their marketing – the challenges they face, their goals, their primary focus areas and their budgets. The survey also asked for some future gazing on how these things could or would change in the coming twelve months future.

Around the same time, we also completed a series of blog posts on infographics and we wanted to experiment with our main recommendation: displaying lots of data within an animated video infographic. We also felt that the juicy data we had was too interesting for a standard infographic.

It was quite a bit of fun creating it, and we’re pleased with the outcome as it really helps highlight the key trends easily. But you readers can be the judges of that!

Embedded here is the animated video that we produced using the awesome GoAnimate tool. We have also provided a few key takeaways below the video – some surprising stuff in there!

href=”” target=”_blank”>Comms Axis Surveyby Comms Axis on GoAnimate

Some highlights from the survey:

One-third of businesses are definitely spending more on their marketing over the next 12 months.

Another third will possibly be increasing their budget.

The remaining third will be left behind.





The top 3 most important aspects of your marketing strategy are:

Social Media

Email Marketing

Events & Tradeshows

What do you think about two of these being less about ‘digital’ or ‘social media’, and more about the perceived-to-be ‘old fashioned’ email and events?


There appears to be a content marketing disconnect.

Four-fifths of brands recognise the importance and value of content marketing.

But just about half of them do not have a content marketing strategy in place.

Does this point to a lack of time and/or expertise?



Did you know that 44% of all businesses surveyed have no Social Media Guidelines or Policy of any kind in place?!

That surprised us…but if you’re one of the 44% then we can create one tailored to you and your business by clicking here.


Some of these stats and trends may surprise you. Some you may have expected. Let us know what you thought in the comments and whether any of the findings reflect your business.

About the Author

  • Dan Purvis

    Dan Purvis looks after the growth strategy for our clients and also for Communications Axis. He knows how to align game-changing strategies to commercial goals. Passionate about social media, digital marketing and the value of digital properties and PR, Dan Purvis brings 15 years of agency and in-house experience to the Comms Axis party. His success and profile led to him being involved with the London School of Economics’ ongoing research into “Semantic Polling” – essentially, comparing digital with traditional methods of communication and monitoring/reporting, and evaluating their value to modern society.


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