Ask the Expert: Why you should more than ‘dip a toe’ into social advertising.


Q: Is social media advertising something I should be considering for my business?

A: This week, my social media team has built the following audiences for brands; mums-to-be, bodybuilders and aesthetic surgical and non-surgical professionals. All of this has been done through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Social media has enabled marketers to target almost the entire world, on one platform or another, providing options to do so that have previously been pipe dreams. Want to target by relationship status? Age? Job title? Whether or not they shop online? What about if they’ve moved house recently? It’s possible.

Almost anyone that your business would want to target is using a social network for one reason or another – even top plastic surgeons have Facebook profiles!

Facebook’s had a lot of bad press recently, the organic reach drop and the necessary move towards paid social has taken some businesses and brands by surprise, but not ours. We believe that, as one client put it, having a social profile without any advertising budget is like having a car with no fuel. Despite what Mashable is telling you, content can still perform well organically, but if you can, why not pop £5 behind it just to make sure that you’re reaching the relevant eyeballs?

You can do something as simple as build fans with a Facebook like ad, or you can retarget your website visitors within their news feed – but narrow it down to the ones you think will convert. You can generate email sign ups, without a user even having to leave Twitter. You can influence the tweets of a country by investing in a promoted trend – or just promote the tweet about a webinar that you’re doing. The opportunities are huge – and mainly untapped.

Social media advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways to build a relevant audience for your brand. Relevant audiences drive relevant traffic. Relevant traffic drives conversions. Sounds like a no brainer? We think it is.

About the Author

  • Guy Levine

    Guy Levine is the CEO and Founder of Return On Digital. He started his Internet career by founding an internet business at 17 and exiting one year later during the .com boom. He has not looked back since. Guy has won industry accolades for campaigns he has worked on including the Big Chip’s and was named Entrepreneur of the Year. A speaker keynoting global conferences, and a regular in the press. In his spare time, Guy can be found with his wife and two daughters, flying helicopters, riding bicycles and generally getting into mischief.


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