Ask the Expert: How can hashtag hours help your business?

Well, they can help in a number of ways. The Marketing Agencies Association used their hashtag #Marketing4SUB as a tool to engage in conversation during a live pitching session for their ‘win an agency’ competition. This meant that participants, agency members and marketing/start-up experts could engage in a live twitter conversation whilst the pitching was taking place.

#LancashireHour uses their hashtag to engage in weekly networking conversations, live on twitter, enabling anyone using the hashtag to ‘be seen’. Join them every Tuesday evening between 8-9pm, using their hashtag in your tweets, to join in the hundreds who participate in virtual networking each week.

Local social media gurus Lily Jones Ltd use their #LoveBurscough hashtag to promote anything related to Burscough businesses, tourism or leisure. Include the #LoveBurscough hashtag in your tweet and the Lily Loves Local team will find you and retweet your message to all of its followers.

Hashtags are also a way for subjects to trend on twitter. The more people that use the hashtag in their tweets, the more it will be visible. The business hashtag hours regularly trend in the UK, proving just how successful and popular they are. See below a table of business hashtag hours that we regularly use, and also a link to a more comprehensive hashtag hour directory.

So, how can businesses use the hashtag successfully? Well, we at Face for Business have found that participating in the numerous weekly hashtag hours has helped our business in a number of ways:-

Profile raising – if you’re finding that your business is lacking awareness, join one of the networking hours and engage in polite conversation with fellow businesses and tweeters. We have found that these networking hours respond best to polite banter and conversations about socialising. After all, it is ‘social media’. The more you engage and tweet, the more exposure your company logo/brand has.

Finding New Leads – although the hashtag hours can be used to sell your services and products, we recommend that the soft sell approach be implemented. As well as having ‘conversations’ on twitter with prospective customers, we’ll drop in a ‘sale’ tweet now and again, stating our service and any special offers.

Providing information – by providing helpful and useful information during hashtag hours shows your followers that you are all about helping and assisting other businesses. Drop in a useful blog or link to a relevant article, and your followers will see you as a source of information.

Finding potential partnership opportunities – when conversing during the hashtag hours, seek out companies who you can seek a potential for working with. For example, if you’re a catering company and are looking for more work, why not connect and engage with venues, event planners? Retweet one of their messages, favourite a few tweets, this will show up in their notifications section, and they will probably reciprocate the gestures. Once a connection is established, let them know you’re interested in having a chat with them about partnerships.

National Hashtag Hours Table

Directory of UK Twitter Hours:—The-hashtags-you-need-to-know/

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