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Instagram is becoming one of the fastest rising social media platforms! We all love to look at imagery, which is why Instagram is so popular.

This visual network focuses on image and video posts. You can also add text to your post, including hashtags and tagging of other Instagram users.

So, how might a business benefit from using Instagram?

1. Showcase Your Products

If you sell physical products, Instagram is a MUST!! This is a great opportunity for you to show imagery of your products, and you could create short 15 second videos of how to use them!

2. Get to know the team

Even if you don’t sell products, you can show what goes on behind closed doors! Take a look at Innocent Smoothies Instagram imagery. They do occasionally post about products, but much of what you do takes you behind their doors and shows you more about the culture of the business and what it’s like to work there! It’s a great way for your company to appear more human!

3. Run competitions

Everyone loves to take pictures. So, encourage people to enter competitions on Instagram by posting relevant images and tagging you in them. This will get you more spread, and will allow your audience to sell your products for you. All you have to do is put all entrants in to a draw for a relevant prize.

4. Hashtag it up!

As with many social media platforms now, hashtags are important on Instagram. And, while you shouldn’t post too many hashtags on Twitter, you can go hashtag crazy on Instagram! It’s much neater to post your update, then post the hashtags as a comment. Make them relevant to the image and to your company so that you easily found in searches by your target audience.

5. Caption this

Get your audience interacting with you by asking them to create captions for images you share. You could even turn this in to a competition! This will give you great engagement with your audience!

6. Short videos

You can share 15 second long videos on Instagram, which is a great opportunity to share a short intro, a one question answer, or a quick sneak peek in to something!

7. Tag your friends

You can also create engagement by encouraging users to tag their friends if they think the image/video is relevant to them! That way you get more people aware of you and an increase in engagement!

So, if you’re not yet using Instagram, let 2015 be the year you give it a go!

If you want to find out more about using Instagram for business, I’m holding a workshop in Manchester on Thursday 26th February. You can find out all the details, and book your place here.

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