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Have you ever thought how you are perceived on a social network? Lets talk about Twitter. Do you have a logo or a picture as your avatar? Do you have a bio which does what it says on the can? What do you tweet? Who do you tweet with? Who are your followers? Who are you following? You are perceived by all of these things…..

Have you tried a great little tool to find out how people tweet. Twit Cleaner claims to show you “How To Be A Good Twitter Citizen – Improve your presence & interaction, minimise your chance of appearing on Twit Cleaner reports.” Try it on yourself…thankfully I came out as “You’re awesome! Keep being your wonderful self. You don’t appear on anyone’s reports” It’s interesting to see how people who you follow come out. They could be:

“Potentially Dodgy Behaviour”
“Other Dodgy Behaviour, Now Absent”
“No Activity in Over a Month”
“Not much Interaction”
“All Talk, All the Time”
“Little Original Content”
“Not so Interesting”

Makes interesting reading and makes you think about who you are following and how you may come across yourself.

I work with young people and part of the work we do is to teach them about how they are perceived as part of their future employability – on and offline. I recently met someone who told me she had received a CV from a young person (who had apparently been through employability training!) which included an inappropriate photograph (not usually required for a regular CV) and an email address which included the words “sticky fingers”. What does this say? Employers, potential clients and customers are increasingly checking social networks to what see what is being said or shown. Think about what you post, what pictures are on your facebook page – do you have your privacy settings on? We’re all guilty of tweeting or facebook posting after a few vino’s but if someone was checking you up how do you think that you come across? Do you really know how people perceive you?

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  • Naomi Timperley

    Director @4hubuk & SocialMediaBoom, Dragons' Den survivor, Mentor for MMU, UCLAN, Salford Uni and the Business Growth Hub, Storyteller #NCW2014 Ambassador, speaker & patron of @TheWelcome_ and proud advisory panel member of Juice Academy.


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