Social Media And The Findings From The PRCA Digital PR Report


Earlier this month I attended the PRCA Digital PR Report Launch where key statistics surrounding the effects of digital in PR were revealed from a survey of 228 in-house and agency PR professionals. Being the chairperson of the PRCA for the South East and East Anglia regions, as well being the MD of my own agency, the report – produced in partnership with The Holmes Report and YouGov – bore some positive and reassuring findings. Read on to hear my thoughts on the findings and its impact on social media:

62% of organisations have seen digital budgets rise over the past 12 months

This is a positive sign, clearly necessary with the growth of social media. I expect it will only rise over the next few years with the growing integration of digital in marketing. Despite budgets rising, most PR agencies are only taking 11%-20% of their revenues from digital and social. However I foresee this percentage rising as reputation management continues to move online and this is proven through the 16% growth in demand for online reputation management services from PR agencies.

The main motivation for social media for 87% of companies is general marketing

This high statistic is worrying as social media is not only relevant for the purpose of general marketing. Customers expect engagement, collaboration and customer service through digital platforms and companies must see social media as an opportunity to become social and benefit from a different form of data. Although social media is an efficient form of marketing, organisations are not tapping into valuable information by utilising social media fully.

Image-based social platforms such as Instagram (72%) and Pinterest (63%) are expected to grow in campaign use

This does not surprise me as I anticipate a new generation of social networks to gain momentum, despite the big three (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) remaining ever present. One of the results of the digital boom is the growing consumer desire for quick to digest, instant engagement and image-based platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram are perfect for this. With the lucrative and young Generation Y and Z markets utilising image-based social media platforms the most, this trend is only set to rise.

The report provided me with excellent food for thought and I will be using these statistics and anticipated trends to drive my agency goals and social media strategy.

About the Author

  • Katie King

    Katie King, Managing Director of Zoodikers and PRCA chairperson for the South East and East Anglia regions, has had a successful PR and marketing career spanning over 25 years. She was previously appointed as a Director of global PR agency Text 100 before co-founding her first PR agency in 2002. Katie regularly trains CEOs, MDs and marketing teams on how to adapt their organisations to keep up with the ever-evolving digital landscape. Katie also has vast experience in advising a variety of sectors and runs regular social media training courses for the PRCA and the Zoodikers Academy. As a speaker on the international circuit and a regular social media commentator on BBC TV and radio, Katie is well regarded in her industry and aptly named as a social media expert.


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