Social Media New Year’s Resolutions


This time of year everyone is sitting down and coming up with their resolutions for the New Year, most involve getting fit, give up the take aways/booze/cigarettes, learn something new etc. Most however have given up by the end of January, be it lack of will power, too much alcohol and chocolates left over from Christmas or because they required to much time and effort.

For the Social Media Resolutions you need to use the good old ‘KISS’ rule, Keep It Simple Stupid! You don’t want to set targets like having a coffee with each of your 800 twitter followers or write a 1000 word blog every day, we need them to be simple and manageable so they can fit into your  work flow.

1. Engage more:
So simple but it’s a point many, brands, companies and individuals forget when using Social Media.  Twitter, Facebook and the other tools give us unique access to customers and followers & industry influencers like never before.

How: Pick 3-5 tweets, mentions or comments a day and reply to them. You don’t need to write an essay for each just make contact and build relationships.


2. A voice for each platform:
Each Social Media platform has a unique audience, LinkedIn is more professional compared to Twitters more casual approach.  Your social media voice and tone should reflect these platforms.  Also you can get a bigger message across on Facebook and Google+ than you can with the 140 characters on Twitter, so why not use all of the resource.

How: Disable cross platform automation, take the time to create a unique message for each platform and make your message and content unique for each platform.


3. Blog more:
Many people find blogging difficult and find it hard to even get started, a great way to get comfortable is to copy Sam Flynn’s approach on her “30 Day Blog Post Challenge”. You don’t need to be blogging every day but target at least once a week.  You can even share the load around the company, The E Word are a great example of this and share the blogging responsibilities around the company, allowing different opinions and voices to come through.

How: The post doesn’t need to be an essay length feature each time it can be a short and useful snippet on something that is happening in the media or your industry, if you have an opinion, share it.


4. Step in front of the camera:
Why not take advantage of the Christmas sales and invest in a camcorder and make use of sites us as Youtube and Vimeo and generate some video content.  Video is a great way to show off products and even inside your company. However don’t start off with the goal of creating a ‘viral’ video, it’s the viewer’s who’ll decide if it goes viral not you.  The beauty of video it can also be shared across your other social media accounts and embedded into websites.

How:  Think about your audience and how they would benefit from a video, then plan your goals. Remember you are not going to produce an Oscar winning video first attempt but continue to develop it over time.


5. Get social in the real world:
Yes a bit of a weird one but why not step away from behind your screen and get down to social media conference and digital events in your local area. Manchester is blessed to have many digital and social events on each month, addressing a wide variety of subjects, many of which are free. Why not check out the next Talk Social event in February, I attended the last one in July and was very impressed and will be back for this next one, hopefully I’ll see you there.

How: Turn off the PC and head outside to conferences, meetings & casual events around you and get social and engage with people you never normally would. Have a look on Twitter feeds, Linkedin Events/Groups to see what’s going on and book your place and start engaging.

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