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Instagram set to roll out advertising in the UK

Following the launch of a number of brand monitoring tools last month, Instagram has announced plans to roll out advertisements across the UK within the next few weeks.

With ads already trialed in the US, the image sharing app has also revealed plans to launch sponsored posts in Canada and Australia over the coming months.

Committed to showing ads that are “engaging” and which feel “natural in people’s feeds”, Instagram hopes that by only sharing relevant ads, it will be able to raise revenue without antagonising users.

Instagram ads will feature a sponsored label, which will alert users to the fact they are looking at a brand sponsored post, with the ability to click a tab to hide the ad.

No changes have been made to the terms and conditions regarding photography and video ownership.

Twitter redesigns profiles on iOS

In what has been described by Twitter as ‘the biggest update to date’, the company has overhauled profiles in its latest iPhone app. The fresh new design focuses on a user’s bio, photos, tweets and favourited tweets, making it easier to find out more about, and connect with, like-minded users. Prior to the update, Twitter users had to swipe a person’s header image to read their profile when using the app.

Currently available to users running iOS 7 or higher, Twitter plans to roll out the update to Android users at a later, as yet unspecified, date.

Facebook gets fresh with news

Social media giant Facebook has revealed that it is going to be more ‘timely’ with updates on trending topics. Admitting that, at present, the Facebook News Feed isn’t quite as fresh as it could be, the changes aim to show everyone the right content, at the right time, so users don’t miss the posts that are most relevant to them.

While Facebook still wants to be the place where users share their photographs, it has made no secret of its ambition to become home to more real-time conversations on breaking news or social commentary.

Still a long-way to go before it can compete with Twitter when it comes to hot topics however, Facebook has recognised that with a move towards more real-time advertising models, it must up it’s game when it comes to post prioritisation and interaction.

Pinterest helps advertisers to share and track performance of promoted pins

Image sharing site Pinterest has announced plans to start serving “more relevant” promoted pins to users, as well as helping advertisers to better track how their ads are performing.

In May this year Pinterest began experimenting with a test group of advertisers in the US. These latest developments are part of wider plans by Pinterest as it expands its advertising and monetisation model across the globe.

The change is expected to come into effect on October 2014 when Pinterest updates its Privacy Policy. Pinterest users who do not want to their data to be tracked will have the option to manage this via their account settings.

New app aims to mix business with pleasure

Described as “Tinder for LinkedIn”, a new dating app which pulls data and photos from LinkedIn has been launched. While not affiliated with LinkedIn, BeLinked uses information from an individuals’ LinkedIn account to identify potential matches. Initially marketed in 2013 as LinkedUp!, the app has now been re-branded and relaunched.

Allowing users to browse matches anonymously, the app also has messaging functionality and the ability to recommend potential dates to friends.

Facing some criticism from business professionals who don’t agree with mixing business with pleasure, BeLinked also allows users to filter our matches from their own LinkedIn network. With a number of women having complained about being approached on LinkedIn for less than professional reasons, the new app may, at the very least, provide a more appropriate outlet for such invites.

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