Steve Kuncewicz – Do I have legal rights against online trolls?


Social media law is a constantly changing area with the law trying to keep up with the ever changing world of social media. But what can you do when someone is giving your business a bad name, for no reason, on social media platforms? Do you have any rights?

Steve Kuncewicz, Head of IP and Media at Bermans Solicitors, tells us exactly where you stand legally when it comes to online trolls.

About the Author

  • Steve Kuncewicz

    Steve is Head of Intellectual Property and Media at Bermans LLP. He is also an honorary solicitor and board member of the MPA. He specialises in intellectual property, media and social media law, and has worked mainly in the media, creative, film, television, marketing, advertising and PR sectors. His first Book, “Legal Issues of Web 2.0 and Social Media”, was published in June 2010, and his second, “Legal Issues Of Corporate Communication in the Online World”, was published in July 2011.


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