Five top tips to improve direct marketing with social media integration


You may believe that social media and direct marketing are two completely different beasts, however I beg to differ.

Engaging with an individual via social media is about as “direct” as it gets in direct marketing. Direct marketing aims to connect marketers to customers and social media allows us to do this in real time with actual conversations.

As we all know the selling process is increasingly a two-way process with your potential customers more often than not being the instigator of a relationship. No longer do we have the preacher and congregation scenario whereby sellers preach their wares to a voiceless audience.

Our customers now have a voice and they are using it.

The key to social marketing success is to harness the power of this voice using social media to help spread positive news and reacting quickly to any negative conversations to convert the naysayers.

Here are Databroker’s top 5 tips to improve direct marketing using social media:

1. Firstly do your marketing communications enable easy social sharing? If not, why not? Make sure that you include relevant sharing buttons such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and so on. This is a no-brainer as they say; let your brand champions do some of the hard work by allowing them to share, like, +1 etc. your content.

2. The social sphere offers an almost unlimited potential audience, make the most of it. Build an online following, real time interaction will allow you to build lasting relationships as you can appeal to buyers as a human being and not a faceless business. You can then take them offline (don’t forget to ask permission!) and into a lead nurturing programme.

3. Integrate social into your marketing campaigns by using offer based incentives via Facebook, twitter etc. This will allow you to find out where your audience hangs out online and enable you to engage with them further in the platform of their choice.

4. Use your social platforms to try out new content approaches, and then when you know what works you can add the most successful content to your email marketing.

5. Powerful marketing campaigns using Facebook can be created where offline or purchased marketing data can be matched to Facebook to serve ads to individuals you already have intelligence on, or even your customers. This can work for both B2B and B2C audiences by creating a human to human approach. For example you could place a Thank You advert as a nice gesture, the possibilities are endless.

So there you have it, social media and direct marketing do not have to be quarrelling siblings; they can work together in perfect harmony to increase the influence and effectiveness of your campaigns!

Databroker are a leading marketing data specialist, offering quality-guaranteed business and consumer data lists as well as a full range of data cleansing, fulfilment and lead generation services.

We work globally, providing our customers with data which matches their client profiles. As an independent list broker we benchmark all available lists, enabling us to recommend the options which produce the highest expected ROI and bring you the most new leads.

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  • John Keating

    Founder and Managing Director of Databroker, John Keating lives and breathes the world of marketing lists and data. Based in Cheshire, John helps businesses win more customers and get better sales results through data and direct marketing expertise. With coffee running through his veins, he enthusiastically battles each day, boosting one direct marketing campaign at a time and driving Databroker onwards. Hates: Buzzwords and waffle, the words “passionate”, “solutions”, “synergy” and website pictures of limes, seedlings or the blonde with the headset on; she doesn’t work there. Loves: All things data but more importantly his dog, Manchester United, the stars, Thailand and his wife (NB: there is no order to that list…) You can connect with John on LinkedIn or Google+


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