What a waste of time!


It has long been said that time is money.

My view is that time wins every single time. You can always make more money (seriously you can). But you can never get back your lost time. The major driving force behind me wanting more money is so that I can spend more time doing what I want with who I want.

This is why I hate social media.

I must stress that it is a love hate relationship. I am a massive massive fan of social media and I do love it in parts.

  • I love how I can find suppliers that are better than you and cheaper than you from all over the world. I love how I can build joint ventures with you because there is a perfect synergy between our businesses and not just because we met at a networking group.
  • I love how I can sell on auto pilot
  • I love how I can leverage content and add value to thousands of people with no extra cost on my part
  • I love how it is making the world even flatter and playing a major role in free speech and democratisation all over the planet

So why did I say I hated it?

Well…. Over and over again I see small business owners struggling. The reality is that 1 in 10 small businesses fail. It is hard work.

The time which small business owners can waste on social media is quite amazing. It really is.

 Don’t want to make that sales call? Just go on Facebook.

 Thinking of doing those accounts? Mmm twitter looks interesting.

 Don’t have the money for Google ad words? I’ll just spam people on LinkedIn for traffic

Social media is just too interesting, too amazing and too easy to use. It will kill your productivity and stop you from doing what needs to be done.

Clearly I am speaking from my own past experience. The first step with any bad habit is to notice you have it. Only then can you do something about it.

So be honest, does this resonate with you? I mean why are you reading this blog? Should you be doing some actual work?

Don’t worry we all feel you. Welcome to the social media addicts club. You are very welcome.

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