Getting Started

Looking to use social media for your business but just don’t know where to start? Well we have the answer! Our experts have put together these useful beginners’ guides to the different platforms that will get you started on the road to successful social media marketing!

Beginners’ Guide to Facebook Marketing – Sam Flynn

Beginners Guide to Facebook

This handy beginners’ guide from social media whizz Sam Flynn will help you set up a company page, use Facebook advertising and guide you through the process of marketing your business from start to finish. A definite must read if Facebook is your platform of choice!

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Beginners’ Guide to Twitter Marketing – Sian Ediss

Beginners Guide to TwitterAre you confused by all the Twitter jargon and just not really sure on the etiquette of using this fast paced social media platform to market your business? Then this guide is the one for you! The guide will run you through everything you need to know about Twitter, from the language used to your profile so that you can put your business’s best foot forward on this exciting platform.

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Beginners’ Guide to LinkedIn – The Professor

Beginners Guide to LinkedInLinkedIn is the perfect platform to market your business if you are looking to target other businesses and if used properly, can be very effective in generating leads and new clients, as well as maintaining relationships with your current clients. The Professor has put together this great beginners’ guide to get you started on the platform with everything from creating an optimised profile to joining and interacting in LinkedIn groups.

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Beginners’ Guide to Google + – Amy-Jay Handley

Beginners Guide to Google+Arguably one of the most complicated platforms to get your head around, Google+ can be difficult for anyone to get started on, however, with recent reports stating that 64% of marketers want to know more about the platform, can you really afford for your business not to be on there? Amy-Jay Handley has put together this great beginners’ guide to get you started on Google+.

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