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There’s no denying that Google+ still isn’t seeing the same kind of traction that the likes of Facebook and Twitter have created.

But, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water just yet!

After all, Google+ is owned by the search powerhouse that is Google! As they tie Google+ activity more and more in to their search engine algorithms, it’s going to be vital for all businesses to have a presence.

One way in which businesses can start to build engagement through Google+ is by participating within communities. Google+ communities have some similarities to LinkedIn groups, being a place for those with similar interests to gather and discuss different topics.
So, how might you use Google+ communities to build your business?

1. Join the right ones!

Search for communities where you’ll find your target market. Run different keyword searches within communities to find the right ones for you. It is time-consuming to be present in lots of different communities, so instead focus on around 3 that are likely to give you the best results.

2. Look at the numbers!

While the larger communities will get you more visibility in front of more people, it will be harder to engage such a large number of people. It’s worthwhile choosing communities with varying member numbers. Those you engage in most should be the ones with numbers in the 100s rather than 1000s, as this will allow you to build more meaningful relationships with the community members.

3. Build conversation!

Don’t use communities as a means of self-promotion. Instead building conversation with your audience will have a much bigger impact. Raise discussions by asking questions. These could be research to help you gain greater understanding of your target market. Or you could raise discussions around your industry area.

4. Share your content!

Remember, this is GOOGLE!!! So, posting content on communities is a great step in improving your SEO rankings. Raise conversations around your content by asking a question about it. This will get you far more interaction, which will also help get your higher visibility of Google results.

5. Respond to other conversations!

Don’t just be someone who posts content. Respond to others too. Especially those conversations where you can add value and show yourself as the expert.

So, go check out Google+ communities to help you build relationships with your target market, and help your SEO along the way!

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