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This week has seen a host of Google+ updates to the service and its mobile apps. However the biggest is the launch of Custom URL’s to everybody. The URL’s were made available to high profile brands and personalities last year but Google is now rolling them out to users. In order to get a Custom URL though you have to hit certain criteria:

Eligibility for People:

  • 10 or more followers
  • Your account is 30 days old or more
  • A profile photo

Eligibility for Local Google+ pages: Must be a verified local business
Eligibility for Non-local Google+ pages: Must be linked to a website

It initially looks like the Custom URL Google assigns is based on the address of the website you have on your page. That is causing a bit of a problem who’s domain isn’t the same as the company name, at the moment the FAQ’s are saying that once assigned the URL cannot be altered, so if your URL isn’t similar to your brand or company name it may be worth holding off our using a service such as

The Major Change

Perhaps the biggest game changing feature is that Google are in the process of rolling out is that when in a browser if you enter “ +brandname” (e.g. +youtube ) into your address bar and hit enter you will be sent directly to a brands Google+ Page. This should also work with personal pages so eventually +StephenDyson will take you to my G+ Page. Currently this feature seems to be only live for Google companies but expect a full roll out soon.

How common it will be for people to input +Youtube etc to search for a page is yet to be seen but it is a very nice addition, and another reason why getting the correct Custom URL is important.

Let us know what you think of the latest additions in the comments.

You can see more on Googles FAQ pages:

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