Have you Perfected Google Plus yet?

Google Plus

Most of us are familiar with the various social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and even Instagram and Pinterest, but how are we faring with Google Plus?

Did you know that Google Plus is Google’s own social media channel, and if used correctly can contribute towards increased rankings within Google’s search engine?

Google Plus was launched in September 2011, and has now become the second most actively used social network. The latest figures (as presented on Online Media Direct website) states that there are over 1bn registered users, with 540m people actively using the application. OMD wrote a great article on why UK businesses should utilise Google Plus

Here’s a quick summary of Google Plus with our features summary:-

As with most social media sites, your profile is there to give your contacts a great first impression of you. Include your company logo as your profile picture and try and ensure your Google Plus cover photo says as much about your business as possible.

With links to your Google analytics and notifications, dashboard is also where you manage your page administrators, as well as showing your current statistics relating to your followers and last posts.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Google Plus lets you manage your friends/followers and you can categorise them how you like. Manage your customers, colleagues, sister-companies, competitors and advice pages. In fact, create circles of your own choice! In the ‘People’ tab you can view who you have in each circle at a glance. You can then find people, see whose circles you are in and discover new people to follow.

Join like-minded people and participate in discussions with people who are looking for the same information as you or who have similar interests. Ask for opinions and comments on your products or services. There will be a community that will bring benefit for every element of your business.

Upload and share your photos as like other social media sites, with an easy to use platform and easy to share functions.

Google Hangouts can be held publically or privately. Similar to Skype, hangouts is a social app that lets you have face to face conversations over the web with up to ten people (on the free version). This feature of Google Plus can be very beneficial in business. The hangouts can be broadcast live over You Tube – the video is saved and re-viewed. The other function within a hangout is the ability to screen share, which can come in handy when you want to share a document or media with your fellow participants.

The events section is where you would schedule your hangout or where people can send you invites too.

You can create numerous pages on Google Plus, which can come in useful if you have various arms to your business, or have satellite companies under the same umbrella.

This section notes places in your local vicinity that have Google Plus pages, which can be useful for networking and supporting local businesses.

In summary, think first before you decide which social media platform to direct all your efforts into. Consider what channel is the best for your line of business, and plan your posts accordingly. If you are a new business, and have just released your website, use Google Plus on a daily basis, as search rankings are key for your company’s presence on the web.

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