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Katy Young’s Guide to…Google+. Everything a first time user should know about Google+. Read the e-book here.

I have to say am I not yet a disciple of Google+. I found it to be frustrating to try and understand and a little overloaded with features. I was also unable to find a guide for beginners. It seems most people on Google+ just expect the rest of us to be experts too.

I can sympathise with the Google’s intentions in creating Google+. It deals with many of the flaws and gaps in Facebook and Twitter, for example Google+ allows you to share posts only with certain groups, and enables you to edit your posts after you’ve shared them.

However, after hours of research in to finally understanding the purpose of a ‘Hangout’, I came to the conclusion that for me the added bonuses of Google+ didn’t outweigh the extra time I would have to spend managing another social media profile.

That said, you may well be willing to devote more time to social media than me and/or for certain types of users there are significant extra benefits to maintaining a Google+ account.

There is also the advantage of being ahead of the curve, Google+ is on the up and it may well be in a few months or years time it dominates the social media sphere, in which case I will revive my profile.

For now though I have limited my guide to the very basics, so you can have a working understand when ‘techies’ refer to Google+, and the tools to join it yourself if you so wish.

I have identified two key groups that stand to gain a lot by joining Google+. These are bloggers and small business owners.

I have designed this guide in four sections. The first section, ‘The Basics’, gives explanations of the simplest functions of Google+. It includes handy ‘Key Tips’, things I really wish I had known from the beginning when I was setting up my account.

The second section is a ‘Blogger’s Guide’. It covers the topic of ‘Authorship’ and how utilising it can be a real asset.

The third section is a ‘Businesses’ Guide’. This refers to the process of creating a Google+ Business Account and tips for small business owners to integrate their profile with Google searches.

My guide finishes with perhaps the biggest advantage of Google+, the fourth section on ‘Search Engine Optimisation’. This is an advantage for bloggers and business owners alike because Google recognises your Google+ page high up in its own searches.

View the full guide in e-book format.

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