LinkedIn Job Search Just Got Easier


LinkedIn announced yesterday that it has unveiled its new ‘LinkedIn Jobs’, which will be rolled out to its 200 million members around the world in the coming weeks.

The experience of finding a job via the site has been completely redesigned with a new look and feel, to enable its members to easily connect with the right career opportunities.

Brand new features include:

* Now highlights opportunities at companies where you have a contact, such as a first-degree connection, who can refer you and help you get an introduction.

* Deeper job searches using Advanced Search options to target open positions by country and postcode, industry and function.

* A quicker way to see the latest jobs by surfacing new results from your saved searches.

* The “Jobs you may be interested in” section, to help find opportunities based on information in your LinkedIn Profile, is now front and centre when go to the jobs section, with most tailored towards your experience and resume. However, there may also be one or two sponsored jobs.

* A more holistic view of your favorite job postings – simply click the “Save Job” link on jobs you are particularly interested in and keep track of them on your LinkedIn Jobs page.

And for those who are LinkedIn Job Seeker Premium subscribers:

* New Advanced Search feature to find jobs that meet salary requirements.

* Embedded tips to help make the most of LinkedIn for your job search.

Watch the official LinkedIn demo video here

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