Are you a proactive or reactive LinkedIn user?



You set your profile up, however complete or incomplete, then do nothing.


Users who are proactive …

  • Use the advanced search button to find useful contacts

Linkedin is simply a 135,000, 000+ database. Using most of the data fields is free. So when you fill in the relevant fields you can find bulls-eye targets you want to meet. Often they will be level 2’s; again ask your level 1’s for an introduction

  • Join and contribute to relevant groups

There are 1m+ groups on Linkedin relating to every topic you can imagine. Consider joining these groups, and regard it as if you have joined a club. Like everything in life what you put into something you normally get something out and this is relevant for LinkedIn groups. If your target market is a particular industry or you are involved in research  in a certain area join those groups. For example much of my advise is given to professional services firms so I am in groups like Legal Marketing and Managing Partners. Being in a club and not attending or not being visible is often a waste of time ( and money).

Here you should write articles, comment on what other group members say and start your own discussions. something  be controversial this often stimulates good but I hope business-like articles. LinkedIn is all about engaging not selling but when your market place sees what you have to say having used your knowledge experience and expertise this can sometimes lead to a ‘sell’.

  • Set up a group where relevant

The same applies when you set up a group. But ensure when you do you keep it active and follow similar suggestions in the previous paragraph.

  • Follow target companies and use the signal application

If you are interested in following companies say so on their company page and if you want to know their news look out for the ‘signal or company buzz ‘ button under the ‘More’ button at the top of any LinkedIn page.

  • Use LinkedIn for recruitment

LinkedIn started as a recruitment site and even today about 40% of its income comes from that source. Lots of recruit and / or find a job. Check out the ‘Jobs’ button at the top toolbar on any Linkedin page

  • Search for useful information using the ‘answers’ section

Click on the ‘More’ button along the top toolbar and you see the first heading is Answers. This again is a massive area for you to be proactive by getting involved in discussions around your particular area of work.

  • Post events and run polls

And finally , again under the ‘More’ button you can do just that…promote events and do surveys.


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