Top 10 buzzwords not to use on LinkedIn


LinkedIn keeps posting the ‘sticky stuff’ to maintain our interest in the hope we will be tempted to include additional information, thereby enhancing their lucrative Talent Solutions business. With this in mind the company has just published the latest list of overused ‘buzzwords’ we should all remove from our profiles.

Last year’s professionals were “creative” and “effective” with “extensive experience”, and – for the second year running – the No 1 global buzzword slot goes to “creative”.

We can’t win really. As users we are advised to use keywords and ‘borrow’ from profiles we enjoy reading, only to discover this negates our “creativity”.

There were just two new words which made it into the Top 10 this year – “analytical”, conjuring images of computer brained wiz kids, and “responsible” – included I imagine by those now trying to counteract youthful prank images posted on their Facebook page!

Other words are “problem solving skills”; “innovative”; “track record”, “extensive experience” (top word[s] in 2010); “motivated” (top UK word in 2012); “effective” and “organizational”.

My advice would always be to let what you have done speak for itself – give evidence of how you were innovative and effective, and give illustrations of your great track record, rather than just state the fact. This can easily be included on your Profile by adding short bullet points within your Summary, or under Experience.

And here’s the reason LinkedIn posted this little snippet of usefulness:

“Your LinkedIn Profile is an opportunity to define your professional identity. Set yourself apart in the New Year by wiping your profile clean of buzzwords. Update your LinkedIn profile today!”

And I would have to agree with them!

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