Top Ten Reasons You Really Should be on LinkedIn


A young man I knew well had just begun his Articles in a solicitors’ practice and sent me a request to join him on LinkedIn. Attached to this was his amusing comment:  “I’ve no idea why I’m in this particular zone of cyber space, but my colleagues said I should be.”  They’d given him sound advice.  Why?

1. The fact LinkedIn has survived for nearly a decade with a professional pedigree of users to recommend it.

2. It’s the foremost social media platform for recruiters – if you’re not in the space, they may have no idea you exist.

“93% of recruiters in 2012 used LinkedIn to find quality candidates.”  Source:

3. It’s so easy to connect with your trusted contacts and friends to exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities.

4. You have autonomy over who connects with you and who can access your connections.

5. You’re able to seek advice from a wide variety of professionals all around the world.

6. It’s your business card – the phrase ‘You can find me on LinkedIn’ is a powerful one.

7. You can organically grow your name recognition immensely.  If I type in sallyannerogers on Google (18,700 results) my LinkedIn profile is top and I’m certainly not the only Sally-AnneR out there – although knowing my Anne has an ‘e’ is important!

If you type Sally Rogers into Google, the first (and only) post that could relate to me is LinkedIn.

And when you click on the link you can find me on the LinkedIn list

8. To join/start Groups and Events: a great way to contact people in your industry and keep up to speed!

9. To create a Company page giving more exposure and visibility to your business, products or services and gain ‘followers’. You can also get your team attached to the official LinkedIn Company Page.

10. To enable you to continually manage your career and relationships forever (well for as long as there’s a LinkedIn at least!).

Over the coming weeks my blogs will walk you through the various features of LinkedIn, in logical and easy to follow stages, to enable you to make the most of this professional platform.

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