Keyword strategy, ten things to remember about keyword strategy


Keyword strategy – a simple message stated with intense frequency in many places.  Leaving fingerprints and footprints across the web.

1 Make sure you have a key word strategy for your on line brand or specific blog post.
2 Identify the keywords in your key word strategy.
3 Use the keywords in the title of any blog post or article
4 Repeat keywords three times throughout the introduction, synopsis or extract.
5 Use sub headings with key words throughout the article or blog post.
6 Include at least three keywords in the keyword or tag field or meta tag data.
7 Link to the published article with social media, including Facebook, Twitter Linkedin, Google+, other blogposts.
8 Be consistent in the use of keywords, strategy or style.
9 Authorship, use the Google Authorship tool and guidelines to ensure your article is linked to your “online reference library”.
10 Provide links to other relevant articles or web links.

By John Ashcroft, Economics, Corporate Strategy, Social Media . Check out the web site John Ashcroft and Company, and The Saturday Economist. John Ashcroft is the Economist with Strategy and Business Experience worth sharing. Oh yes and Sign off with links to your Google+ profile and other essential links.

About the Author

  • Dr John Ashcroft

    John Ashcroft is a visiting professor at Manchester University and Executive in residence at Manchester Business School, specializing in Economics Corporate Strategy and Social Media. Author of the Saturday Economist, The Apple Case Study and The Sunday Times and Croissants John is Chief Executive of pro.manchester, a Director of Marketing Manchester, a member of the GM Chamber of Commerce Council and the AGMA Business Leadership Council.


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