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Facebook introduces tool to edit your page after you die

Facebook has added a new feature that allows users to name a ‘Legacy Contact’ to take over their accounts after they die.

The Legacy Contact will be able to delete the profile, keep it as it is, or use it as a lasting memorial to the deceased. If the profile is not closed down, the nominated ‘online executor’ will be able to update profile images, approve new friend requests and pin a final post on the original user’s timeline. Legacy Contacts won’t, however, be able to see private messages, change past posts, photos, etc. or delete friends. Facebook has commented that the feature will work in the same way as a real-life executor of a Will and is completely optional.

The new functionality has been introduced in response to thousands of requests for such a feature from Facebook users. It is only currently available in the US.

Twitter acquires Niche

Twitter has revealed that it has signed an agreement to acquire software, community and monetisation services provider Niche. Niche has been working in partnership with both Twitter and Vine over the last year.

The acquisition is part of Twitter’s long-term strategy to deliver a broad variety of tools that help brands to distribute and manage their content. Niche – which was created in 2013 – currently provides free, cross-platform analytics and facilitates partnerships between content creators, brands and agencies. Niche has also been working closely with Twitter’s brand strategy team to help some of the biggest brands in the world resonate with their target audiences.

Commenting on the acquisition a Niche spokesperson said: “As a part of Twitter, our pledge is to continue our commitment to creators: more tools, more platforms, and even more opportunities to team up with the best advertisers in the world.”

The move comes hot on the heels of the launch of Twitter ‘Curator’, a tool to help media organisations pull together collections of tweets and vines to identify trends.

The latest addition to the team provides some good news for Twitter after a stressful week. Over the last few days a large number of users have been locked out of Twitter after mistakenly being identified as non-human, the platform faced a delayed notification bug and CFO Anthony Noto had his Twitter account compromised!

Snapchat is experimenting with local ‘Our Stories’

Snapchat’s ‘Our Stores’ feature, has so far been used during major public events to combine user-generated shots with branded photos and videos. However, according to reports the messaging app is now experimenting with a localised version of the feature.
Snapchat has launched a Los Angeles version of Our Stories that shares snaps with people within the city. If successful, the new feature could be used by organisations to target and engage with local users.

Snapchat plans to expand into the music industry

In other Snapchat news, chief executive Evan Spiegel is reportedly hoping to acquire the record label representing Taylor Swift. Going up against other interested parties such as Apple, Spiegel wants to acquire the £227m label Big Machine. If successful, Spiegel is likely to use the app to promote its stars to its largely millennial user base.

LinkedIn shuts down majority of third-party apps

From May this year, LinkedIn is to restrict access to its open APIs. Access makes it possible for developers to create apps that interact and share data with the platform. Third-party developers will still have access to a reduced amount of LinkedIn’s data, however, by restricting access, LinkedIn hopes it will stop the creation of applications that are not up to scratch.

Reportedly becoming irritated at how the majority of developers are using its open APIs, a LinkedIn spokesperson said: “We’ve seen some exciting applications from our developer community. While many delivered value back to our members and LinkedIn, not all have.”
Developers who want wider access to LinkedIn’s data will need to sign up to its official partnership programme.

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