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Facebook page likes about to drop

Business on Facebook may see their page likes fall over the next few weeks. The drop comes as Facebook purges likes from deactivated accounts and those owned by people who have died. Facebook is making the change to ensure its audience data is current and “even more meaningful for business”.

Only followers who have manually deactivated their accounts will be removed with inactive accounts remaining. In addition, where an account is removed, it will be reinstated if the user later reactivates their profile. It is unclear how many accounts will be purged, but for most businesses Facebook only expects a “slight dip” in fan numbers. Importantly for page owners, the change will not negatively affect reach or activity.

Pinterest to test animated pins

Image sharing site Pinterest is to test animated pins in a bid to provide advertisers with more ways to deliver specialised content to users. Helping brands to engage the attention of potential customers, selected ads will animate as users scroll past them. Over the past few months, Pinterest has made no secret of its plans to attract more advertisers to its platform as it pushes to monetise its service by refining its ad-targeting tools.

Pinterest head of partner marketing Eric Hadley has also said that the platform will be extending the existing categories for pins to help advertisers better reach their target audiences. Testing for the new animated ads will begin in the forthcoming months.

US filed for 95% of all Pinterest user data requests

In other Pinterest news, the company has published its 2014 transparency report, revealing that a whopping 95% of requests for user information came from the United States.

Overall, law enforcement agencies in the United States made 39 requests, with the image sharing site supplying information in all but seven cases. In addition, Canada and Australia each issued one request, both of which were denied. None of the applications made related to matters of national security. The report indicates that Pinterest received approximately three times as many legal requests in 2014 than it did in 2013.

Snapchat discusses ‘cooperation’ with Saudi Arabia

Speculation is rife that Saudi Arabia’s Prince Alwaleed bin Talal may be about to invest in the social messaging app. The prince, who met with Snapchat co-founder Evan Spiegel this week has previously invested heavily in both Twitter and Apple. According to reports a meeting to discuss “future potential business cooperation” took place in the Middle East. The rumours regarding investment are further fuelled by reports that Snapchat is currently seeking $500 million in a new round of funding.

Twitter activity reveals level of engagement with TV viewing

A recent study reveals that Twitter acts as a barometer of public mood when it comes to watching TV. The analysis by data company Nielsen monitored the brain activity of approximately 300 people watching new episodes of prime-time shows. Researchers then compared this data with minute-by-minute tweets made about the shows on broadcast. The results found that “as the audiences are getting more engaged with the segment, the Twitter activity is getting more intense”.

The report is good news for Twitter and its plans to attract more advertisers to its platform, particularly those who want to use audience metrics as part of their media planning and buying strategy.

Instagram unveils clickable carousel ads

Last week, Instagram announced that it would be providing brands with a new way to tell their stories. Introducing a new ad format, carousel ads let readers swipe left to see additional images and find out more about the brand or product. In addition, advertisers can also send interested users to their website via a ‘learn more button. The new ads will be introduced over the next few weeks on a limited basis.


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