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Instagram’s U.S. mobile revenue to overtake Google and Twitter

Instagram’s mobile ad revenue is expected to reach $2.81bn by 2017 according to research by eMarketer. The figure far surpasses the $595m the Facebook owned social networking service generated this year.

If correct, Instagram will overtake both Google and Twitter in terms of U.S. mobile ad revenue, and will account for 10% of Facebook’s global ad revenue by the end of 2017. Google will still be ahead of Instagram in terms of overall mobile revenue.

Instagram has recently moved to expand its advertising offer and extend Facebook’s ad targeting tools to Instagram users. By the end of 2015 it is predicted that Instagram will provide a wealth of new ad products, helping to meet demand from advertisers and accelerate revenue growth.

Google to sideline Google Plus

Google has revealed plans to change the way users login to its products and services. In a company blog this week, Google announced that it would no longer require users to sign up to Google Plus to post comments to products such as YouTube.

While it was initially hoped that Google Plus would come to rival Facebook in the social media space, over the last few months Google has been dismantling its main features into separate services.

This latest announcement is the most drastic step yet and the platform formerly known as Google Plus will now restructure into two distinctly separate products: streams and photos.

Google Plus boasted 300 million monthly active users in late 2013, with some commentators reporting that figure to be nearer 111 million earlier this year.

Facebook native videos outperform YouTube and Instagram

A study by social media analytics and reporting firm Locowise has found that native videos posted on Facebook outperform videos shared from YouTube or Instagram.

The study, which looked at a total of 6,569 videos from 555 video-posting Facebook pages during the last month, found that:

  • 79.6% of the pages used Facebook native videos, with 19.5% sharing videos from YouTube and 0.9% from Instagram
  • 96.4% of all videos shared were native Facebook videos, compared with 3.5% for YouTube and 0.18% for Instagram
  • Facebook native videos averaged an organic reach of 13.2% of the total page likes, versus 7.9% for YouTube and 6.8% for Instagram
  • The average engagement rate for Facebook native videos was 6.3% of page likes reached, compared with just 3.6% for Instagram and 3.2% for YouTube
  • The Facebook native video engagement rate is 97% higher than YouTube and 75% higher than Instagram.

Twitter is deleting copyrighted jokes

Twitter has begun to honour takedown requests from users who complain that their copyrighted jokes have been shared by others, passing them off as their own. The offending tweets are replaced with a copyright notice.

Last year, the site received more than 25,000 Digital Millennium Copyright Act notices, most of which related to multimedia content and links to copyrighted material.

Twitter has said that it will make a “good faith effort” to contact those who have had their content removed under a copyright claim, with users subjected to a takedown notice given 10 days to appeal.

Twitter to help brands prepare for real-time campaigns

Twitter has launched a new event targeting feature to make it easier for brands to plan ahead and promote around important dates.

Commenting on the new service, a Twitter spokesperson said: “When events happen in the real world, they also happen on Twitter. From a marketing standpoint, it’s really important for them to be a part of these events that are relevant to their audiences.”

‘Event Targeting’ will help brands to plan for big events, learn more about participating audiences, and create campaigns that deliver to the right users as events unfold.

To help them do this, marketers will have access to a calendar which highlights significant events such as holidays, sports events, music festivals, etc. Event Targeting will also supply a range of targeting and filtering tools as well as valuable audience insights.

Once set up, Twitter will enable brands to roll-out their campaigns as an event unfolds.

Facebook legacy now available in Europe

Earlier this year, Facebook added a new feature that allowed users in the U.S. to name a ‘Legacy Contact’ to take over their accounts after they die. As of this week, UK users will now also be able to appoint a digital executor.

The Legacy Contact will be able to delete the profile, keep it as it is, or use it as a lasting memorial to the deceased. If the profile is not closed, the nominated ‘online executor’ will be able to update profile images, approve new friend requests and pin a final post on the original user’s timeline. Legacy Contacts won’t be able to see private messages, change past posts, photos, etc. or delete friends.

Appointing a Legacy Contact will work in the same way as a real-life executor of a Will and is completely optional.

Snapchat gives its Discover platform a content overhaul

Despite only being a few months old, Snapchat is removing content providers to make room for others it believes will fit better with its users. Warner Music Group and Yahoo have both been removed from Discover, with BuzzFeed and iHeartRadio expected to take their place.

According to reports, Warner Music’s content wasn’t believed to be broad enough to generate success on Discover. iHeartRadio on the other hand, has a popular streaming service that reaches millions of users, as well as hundreds of radio stations across the country with many young people already on board with the brand. Likewise, BuzzFeed has become a key player in the online editorial game, connecting with the younger demographic.

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