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Ello, Ello. What’s this all about then?


Over the last few days, new social network Ello has fast become the talk of the digerati. Described as the “anti-Facebook” due to its tough stance on advertising and commitment towards user privacy, social media fans everywhere have been desperate to access the invitation-only platform.

With an engaging manifesto that states: “We believe a social network can be a tool for empowerment. Not a tool to deceive, coerce, and manipulate but a place to connect, create, and celebrate life. You are not a product”, it remains to be seen whether the team behind Ello appreciate the irony that invitations have been selling on Ebay for as high as $500. Certainly, according to reports, they are as surprised as anyone by the surge in demand, with the “barrage of traffic” (up to 35,000 requests an hour to join) described as both “unexpected and unplanned-for”.
Designed to be “simple, beautiful and advertisement free” as well as being visually appealing, Ello could, if successful, be a stepping stone towards a new kind of social media platform. However, as yet it’s not clear how Ello will monetise its offer and keep to its demanding ethics. Something it will surely need to do to be successful in the long term.

Instagram introduces the time-lapse selfie.

Back in August I revealed that video and photo sharing service Instagram had launched a new, stand-alone, time-lapse app called Hyperlapse. Using built-in stabalisation technology, the app was designed to allow users to create high-quality time-lapse videos.

This month Instagram has taken things one step further with the introduction of the “selfielapse”.

Leading to the creation of a new kind of selfie, the first major update to Hyperlapse now allows users to shoot time-lapse videos of themselves using the front-facing cameras of their iPhones. The next generation of selfie has now arrived.

Facebook ads to follow users around the web
In a bid to improve ad effectiveness and measurement across devices, Facebook has rolled out an updated version of its advertising platform.

With the power to sell highly targeted ads to its 1.3 billion users, whether they are on a Facebook owned site or not, the move sees Facebook go toe-to-toe with Google in a bid to attract advertising revenue.

Criticising the current reliance on cookies to track users and ad effectiveness, the new service aims to follow users across devices using Atlas technology bought from Microsoft last year.

Omnicom, one of the world leading advertising companies has already signed up to the service, with Omnicom clients Pepsi and Intel set to be the first to get on board.

Twitter reacts to Apple issues

Apple was forced to withdraw an update to the iOS 8 operating system last week following reports that it caused a high number of glitches.

The iOS 8.0.1 upgrade, which was released to combat an existing throng of bugs, made it impossible for some users to make phone calls or access their devices via Touch ID on the newly launched iPhone 6.

The recall is just one in a series of problems faced by Apple of late including warnings that its OS X operating system has a serious security flaw.

If that isn’t enough, the news that the iPhone 6 Plus has a design flaw which causes it to bend substantially if kept in a tight pocket, just about caused Twitter to go into overdrive.

With users and other brands keen to get in on the action here are some of the best #bendgate comebacks…














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